1000w Apollo Remote Controllable Infrared Bar Heater
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1000w Apollo Remote Controllable Infrared Bar Heater

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Product Specifications

Wattage 1000w
Wi-Fi N/A
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Surface Material Glass & Aluminium
Surface Temperature 200-300°C
Dimensions (mm) 862mm x 345mm x 272mm
Recommended Fixing Wall/Ceiling
Frame Colour None
IP Rating IP44 - Protected against splashes of water
Voltage 230V
Warranty 5 Years
Panel Weight 6.8kg
Product Features No
Requirements No

Why not give your home, garden, office or warehouse the treat of some extra heat, and sort out an amazing Mirrorstone infrared bar heater? They’re very efficient, kind to the environment, and better looking than a radiator. It measures approximately 862mm by 345mm, and with a power output of 1000w, can heat an area of around 15m2. With a depth of just 272mm, you don’t need to worry about this heater extending too far into the room.

With a premium blend of aluminium and glass materials, you can rest assured that this is a top-quality product. It has a maximum surface temperature of around 200-300˚C, which should not be a problem for you. That’s because of the fact that it can be installed far up the wall, or even on the ceiling. This should be well out of reach of any accidental touches or intrigued fingers.

With an IP44 rating as standard, you can install this heater and not worry about any accidental splashes of water.  However, if is to be installed outside, we would recommend it is under cover, to protect it from any particularly heavy rain.

Infrared Heating: More Info

Infrared heating is a revolution in the way many people are heating your indoor or outdoor space. It is more efficient, more eco-friendly, and, brings a more professional look than traditional heaters. It heats your room in a completely different way to a usual radiator. Rather than heating the air around it, it heats the objects in the room, which requires less power. It can actually save around 60% on your heating bills!

It launches infrared beams around the area that bounce off the objects, leaving them warmed. By doing this, you can avoid the convectional currents that a traditional heater instigates. When they warm the air, it rises to the ceiling, cools, and falls again, requiring more heat. This is obviously less efficient, and can have a negative effect on your health. That’s because it stimulates dust circulation, mould growth, and cold spots. Because an infrared heater does not, it can actually be seen as better for your health.

Infrared heating is also completely safe, even though it sounds scary. It’s just the same technology that TV remote controls use! It provides the same kind of heat that the sun does, but without any nasty UV radiation.

Apollo Infrared Bar Heater Remote Control

The Remote Control

If you’re hoping to be able to control this heater without leaving your seat – using a remote control in order to save yourself from having to move to adjust your heating, then it is your lucky day.

There is a remote control included in the box, so from day one you can control your heating more easily.

The control is small, slim, and looks great.

You can regulate the temperature of your heater with just a simple press of a button, whether you need to turn it up to stave off the cold, or turn it down so you don’t swelter.

You can switch the display on or off for a more discreet heat, or set a sleep timer, so that it switches off after a certain number of hours.

Apollo Infrared Bar Heater Screen

The LED Screen

If you need to know what’s happening with your bar heater, but you’re well away from the heat, then the super helpful LED screen will have your back.

The numbers on the screen tell you what your desired target temperature is, so you will always know if you’ve got it on the right setting or not.

That’s not all, either. You can use it for setting the sleep timer, so that you know exactly when your heater will switch itself off.

The four flame shaped lights are there to let you know if the bar heater is actually emitting heat or not.

You can also lock the screen, and the features, with a simple press of a button.

Apollo Infrared Bar Heater Brackets

Simple Installation

These bar heaters are so easy to install. You won’t need any additional help – from anyone at all.

This includes electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, who simply aren’t needed for such a simple job. It’s as easy as installing the heater onto the wall – they’re completely plug-and-play compatible, so they just plug into the wall socket. It’s genuinely a one-person job.

All you have to do is align the brackets properly, so you know where you have to drill into the wall. After that, it’s as easy as screwing the rear-mounted brackets on to the wall, and tightening the screws.

The brackets are also fully adjustable, meaning you can tilt the heater to the preferred angle. The whole installation process just takes a few moments of your time.

Please be aware that if the units are not cleaned regularly, a build-up of dust may appear. Find out more about how to maintain your heaters here!


Included with all of our Mirrorstone infrared bar heaters is a superb 14-day home trial period, so you can either return or exchange it, in case you change your mind.

Mirrorstone also provide these with an outstanding five-year warranty, so you may shop with confidence.

Contact Information

If you need any additional information about infrared heating, or our heaters, then don’t be afraid to contact us. Call us on 0116 321 4124, email us at sales@suryaheating.co.uk, or check out our Facebook and Twitter.

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11 Review(s)

JON 09/07/2018


Brilliant little heater for my patio. Was surprised by the amount of heat output on this heater glad i purchased the smaller one. Delivered quickly and easy to install and control via the remote
Overall Rating

Ousmane 07/01/2018

Remote control

I chose this one over the non-remote-control one and I’m so glass I did, it makes it so much easier to turn the heating on and I’m very happy with my purchase.
Overall Rating

Lily 29/12/2017


Using a remote to control the heating and not using the thermostat or boiler?! Amazing!!! It keeps my lounge lovely and warm and I’m very impressed
Overall Rating

Harry D 19/12/2017

Great heater

Looking at my bills I am relieved to have stumbled upon these heaters as just comparing before and after shows how much money I’m going to be saving.
Overall Rating

Monique 17/12/2017

Really good

Much better than I thought it would be – bought it on a recommendation from a friend and haven’t looked back since. It saves me money on my bills and is much better than central heating, too.
Overall Rating

George S 16/12/2017

Looks like an ipod lol

Looks like an ipod lol in a good way because it looks modern and techy. It warms the room very well as well.
Overall Rating

Mona 14/12/2017


I’m extremely happy with the heater – easy to fit, easy to use – great allround!
Overall Rating

Noah 10/12/2017

1000w remote control heater review

Very impressed with the heater, it looks really good, but it heats the room up exceptionally well.
Overall Rating

Maggie 06/12/2017

Dead impressed

Can’t believe that a little box like this could heat an entire room but apparently it can – and it does! No complaints, and I definitely recommend.
Overall Rating

Chelsea 04/12/2017

Saves you money!!!!!!

Can’t believe that this actually does the job of a radiator better and cheaper! I’m definitely getting some more to get rid of the central heating for good!
Overall Rating

Priya 02/12/2017


This is just what I’ve been looking for. Small, discreet, but with plenty of power behind it to heat up my room. Very impressed.
Overall Rating

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Hi there im looking at heating choices for my business. I need to heat my reception area, i was looking at a curtain heater to be above the front door, it wont be a hugely busy door but im wondering if one of these would be effective in that space with cold air coming in every now and again or it would be better suited else where.... cheers
How far away from the ceiling does this need to be and also how far above people/objects does the clearance need to be?
Is this suitable for mounting above an ensuite door to heat the ensuite? What if the area of the ensuite is smaller than the heated area quoted? Is it still useable?

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