595x1195 Irises Image NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 700W - Electric Wall Panel Heater
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595x1195 Irises Image NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 700W - Electric Wall Panel Heater

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Product Specifications

Wattage 700w
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Surface Material Premium FIR Coating
Surface Temperature 75-95°C
Dimensions (mm) 595mm x 1195mm x 22mm
Recommended Fixing Wall
IP Rating IP54 - Protected against splashes of water
Voltage 230V
Warranty 2 Years Upgradable to 5 Years
Panel Weight No
Product Features Built in Thermostat with Remote Control
Requirements Eco Design Requirements for Electric Local Space Heaters

Housed in the J. Paul Getty Museum in California, Irises by Vincent Van Gogh is an oil painting created in 1889. If you look closely enough, you can see that each one of the Irises depicted are unique and have their own shape and colours.

The 595x1195 Irises NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 700W from Mirrorstone is 595mm x 1195mm x 22mm in size and has a surface temperature of 75 - 95°C. Made of solid FIR Coating, it has an IP rating of 54 to ensure it is splash-proof.

With it’s 700 watts powered by 230 volts, our heaters are great to mount onto a wall. This allows a heated surface area of 11 – 12m².

How Does Infrared Heating Work?

We understand that Infrared is a newer technology and this may be intimidating to some customers. But we are here to provide with any information you need.

Currently, most heating is supplied by gas or electric convection filling up with hot water. This will then make the air around the heater hot and rise to the ceiling. Once cooled, this air will begin to sink to the ground and this entire process creates a circulation of air – or a convection current.

Infrared heating, on the other hand, radiate electromagnetic waves that are the same as that of the Sun. Completely safe and 100% natural, these waves bounce around the room and target objects and people. Once hit, the object will absorb some heat and then emit that heat back out.

The key difference between the two is that IR heating work by heating objects themselves and not by heating the air. This is far more efficient as it takes more energy to heat a large volume of space.

FIR Coating For Maximum Efficiency & Safety

Our infrared panels come with a brand new, highly advanced premium FIR Coating to help maximise the performance of your heater. It’s heat-resistant – meaning it can withstand temperatures up to 200oC without yellowing over time.

Not only that, but it will also help the carbon crystal heating element inside the panel distribute the IR waves better than ever before, thanks to a higher thermal efficiency, resulting in even more warmth in your home.

To top it all off, the coating is also far more secure than ever before, as it is fire resistant, ensuring your family and your home stay safe and warm.

NXT Gen IR Panel Thermostat Control

The NXT Generation Of Heating

Due to the introduction of LOT20, a governed requirement for all heaters, our panels have been upgraded with a built-in thermostat and remote to work alongside new features.

With increased efficiency, our panels switch on and off to stabilise one consistent temperature that you have set, thanks to the Automated Temperature Control. The 7-Day Timer allows you to select specific times and temperatures for weekdays and weekends.

The more intelligent qualities include Adaptive Start, which wakes the panel up early to slowly work up to your selected temperature to be ready for a certain time. Open Window Detection will automatically turn a panel off when temperature drop is detected within 3 minutes.

The maximum compliancy possible for LOT20 is 40%, and our panels are all a staggering 39%.

NXT Gen IR Panel Remote

Controlling Your Panel

Taking full control of your heating is a great way to ensure you are being as eco-friendly and saving enough money as you possibly can. Use a remote or an external thermostat to regulate the temperature, features and output.

Use a plug-in thermostat, like the Electronic Plug-in Thermostat with 24 Hour Control, for discreet but simple temperature control. Or if you are installing the panel into an area that isn’t suited open electrics, you will need to use an external thermostat.

However, may customers opt to use the included remote control. Simply requiring 2 x AAA batteries and being easy to use, the screen and buttons are all self-explanatory. It gives you complete control to play with the NXT features and can be powered from a short distance.

NXT Gen IR Panel Cross Section

Constructed To Perfection

Many customers opt to mount the panels, like a picture, which is completely safe and unlikely to fall as it is held up by steel screws and sturdy brackets. This will keep you relaxed as it cannot ever cause any subsequent injury to you or your loved ones.

Our IR Panels are not weak or fragile. They are made of FIR Coating and aluminium, best known for the material of cans, which has many benefits itself. It is a lightweight metal, tremendously resistant to corrosion and has excellent reflectivity of heat to assist our ways of IR.

We are happy to announce that all of our panels are environmentally friendly and recyclable all due to the use of aluminium.

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