595x1195 Lady In The Garden NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 700W
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595x1195 Lady In The Garden NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 700W

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Product Specifications

Wattage 700w
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Surface Material Aluminium
Surface Temperature 75-95°C
Dimensions (mm) 595mm x 1195mm x 22mm
Recommended Fixing Wall/Ceiling
IP Rating IP54 - Protected against splashes of water
Voltage 230V
Warranty 5 Years
Panel Weight No
Product Features Built in Thermostat with Remote Control

Early work from the infamous Claude Monet, the Impressionist oil-painted his cousin’s wife strolling through her grounds and bought us Lady In The Garden. Finished in 1866, it demonstrates his love of scenic landscapes, balancing colours and unusual composition.

The 595x1195 Lady In The Garden NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 700W from Mirrorstone is powered by 230v. Recommended for a wall or ceiling, it has an IP54 rating thus, is protected against splashes of water.

Not to mention that it has an aluminium surface which can be heated to 75-95°C and warm an area of 11 – 12m². With a powerful wattage of 700w, it is perfect for a bedroom or an office.

What Can IR Heating Do For You?

With infrared being superior technology, compared to standard convection heaters, it is no surprise that it comes with a host of fabulous benefits. Here are just a few of those advantages…

Compared to traditional heating, IR panels use just a fraction of their electrical power. A convector will require between 1.0 and 1.5 kW/h whereas our units simply need between 0.29 and 0.8 kW/h. This slash in energy will save you up to 60% in your electric bills.

With no moving parts, there is very little that can go wrong with your IR panel. The simplicity of their design leaves the plug and play element very clear and easy to navigate. Therefore, you are unlikely to require a service or checks by professionals. To maintain the unit, simply wipe down with a cloth.

Ensuring great health, an IR panel heating system will protect your home by emitting warmth that will keep your walls dry to reduce the growth or spread of mould. The air will also remain cleaner and absolutely free of allergenic particles.

NXT Gen IR Panel Thermostat Control

The NXT Gen Of Heating

As of 2018, the governing standards LOT20 were implemented to encourage lowering the energy consumption of heating in homes. Heaters can gain a maximum 40% on their compliance and Surya units score 39%.

This means they have features such as Automated Temperature Control, which causes the panel to turn on and off to maintain a temperature, and the 7 Day Timer which allows you to select temperatures and times for weekdays and weekends.

The smarter of the four are the Open Window Detection, that will automatically shut down the radiator when there is a temperature drop in 3 minutes to save unnecessary usage, and Adaptive Start. This element calculates how long it’ll take to warm up a space by a particular time and wakes up early to reach that goal.

NXT Gen IR Panel Remote

Remote Controllable

To further comply with the LOT20 legalisation, each of our NXT Gen panels come with an integrated thermostat and remote control so you can take advantage of your innovative features. It is also possible for you to pair multiple heaters to one remote so you can control them as a group.

Powered by 2 x AAA batteries and measured at 135mm x 56mm x 18mm, these little grey remotes are paired via the rocker switch on the back of the panel.

To find out more about the features and remote functions, take a look at the NXT Gen IR Heater manual. Please be advised that the remotes come with a separate 1-year warranty for added protection.

Lady In The Garden IR Panel Sleek

A Sleek Finish

Our panels are all 22mm deep. Unlike clunky convention heaters sticking out from your wall and taking space, IR radiators fit flush to the wall – like a photo or mirror – or hang suspended from the ceiling. Used at any height, the panel will reduce any risk of incidents as you can position it out of reach from young children and pets.

Not to mention that Surya panels are very discreet and it’s hard to tell what they actually are before feeling their wave of warmth. You can opt for different faces for the surface, custom designs and even various coloured frames to truly personalise the panel to your style.

Now you can use your own space how you want, rather than creating a design around avoiding and hiding unattractive heaters.

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