595x1195 Waterfalls Image NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 700W - Electric Wall Panel Heater
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595x1195 Waterfalls Image NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 700W - Electric Wall Panel Heater

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Product Specifications

Wattage 700w
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Surface Material Premium FIR Coating
Surface Temperature 75-95°C
Dimensions (mm) 595mm x 1195mm x 22mm
Recommended Fixing Wall/Ceiling
IP Rating IP54 - Protected against splashes of water
Voltage 230v
Warranty 2 Years Upgradable to 5 Years
Panel Weight No
Product Features Built in Thermostat with Remote Control
Requirements Eco Design Requirements for Electric Local Space Heaters

A mellow, relaxing image that conceals a powerful heating solution, the Waterfalls Printed Infrared Heating Panel from Mirrorstone definitely warrants some serious consideration.

Part of our massive range of Image IR Heating Panels, this 595 x 1195/700W model will be of sufficient size and power to heat a moderately-sized living room or master bedroom, but it’s always a good idea to know exactly how many you’ll require for the type of building you live in.

If your rooms aren’t particularly large, you may opt for quite a small panel such as the 595 x 595 Aurora Borealis – 350W panel, whereas larger spaces in less well insulated homes may require a combination or one from the more powerful end of our range like the 1200W Clouded Trees – 995 x 1195 option.

For the absolute ultimate in discreet heater concealment, check out our white IR panel heaters, because they’ll be virtually invisible when installed on a white wall or ceiling.

And, if you’re an imaginative person, you’ll be interested to learn of our custom IR panels as they’ll enable you to choose your very own image for your panel – a family portrait for your living room or a photo of Sir Alan Sugar looking down from an office wall, perhaps?

Make the Jump to the NXT Gen

Every NXT Gen heater will come with a fully integrated thermostat and a remote control, making them completely compliant with the new Lot 20 legislation. You will be able to control every aspect of your heating as soon as you receive your heater – no hidden extras!

You can use the automatic temperature control to regulate the temperature of your room. For example, set the desired temperature, and the panel will automatically switch on and off in order to ensure the temperature stays at that level. With the 7-day timer, you can pick and choose the on/off times for both weekdays and weekends.

The NXT Gen panel comes with adaptive start and open window detection, too. Adaptive start means that your panel can actually work out how early to switch itself on, in order to ensure that the room reaches the desired temperature at the desired time. The open window detection helps to save energy, as if there’s a sudden drop in temperature, it switches off, as trying to heat the room in these circumstances is inefficient.

For more information on the NXT Gen panel’s functionality, see the NXT Gen IR Panel manual for how this heater is a real game-changer.

The included remote control is covered by a 12-month warranty.

FIR Coating For Maximum Efficiency & Safety

Our infrared panels come with a brand new, highly advanced premium FIR Coating to help maximise the performance of your heater. It’s heat-resistant – meaning it can withstand temperatures up to 200oC without yellowing over time.

Not only that, but it will also help the carbon crystal heating element inside the panel distribute the IR waves better than ever before, thanks to a higher thermal efficiency, resulting in even more warmth in your home.

To top it all off, the coating is also far more secure than ever before, as it is fire resistant, ensuring your family and your home stay safe and warm.

Simple & Safe

IR panel heaters are easy to install on a wall or a ceiling, with all the necessary fixings are right there in the box. You’ll simply unpack it, plug it in and then sit back to enjoy the 100% safe, radiant heat it emits.

It will begin to warm your room from the moment it’s plugged in. Its FIR Coating surface will reach a temperature of 95°C but it will never burn your skin if you touch it, due to the way it dissipates heat energy.

IR panels work in a vastly different way to the convector heaters they’re designed to replace, in that they heat the objects in a room, not the air.

These IR panels will promote wellbeing, in that they reduce moisture in the air and put a stop to mould-growth. Their constant heat also prevents the circulation of dust that causes your room to feel stuffy.

To see this process in action, you may wish to watch this short video:

Infrared Savings

As you’ve seen, compared to traditional systems, this is a particularly energy-efficient method of heating a room, and one that will save you a great deal of money in the mid and long-terms.

IR panels, unlike gas boilers, contain no moving parts, so there’s nothing to malfunction and no need for costly servicing or expensive maintenance. Indeed, the only maintenance task you’ll ever have to perform is an occasional wipe-down with a dry cloth!

Quite aside from all these financial incentives to switch to infrared heating, you’ll also save up to 20% extra by applying the latest discount code to your shopping cart, and existing tradespeople can reduce their costs still further by becoming one of our trade customers.

Protection For Order

Purchase any of our IR panel heaters and you’ll have a full 14 days to test it out and by case to return it in exchange for a replacement or a refund if you’re not completely satisfied with its performance.

We’ll order this IR panel heater in for you so, unfortunately, we’ll need to charge you a 15% restocking fee should you decide to send it back.

We’re so confident in the quality and durability of these IR heating panels that each comes complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty to give you extra peace-of-mind. This can be upgraded to 5 years at no extra cost.

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If you’d like any IR heating-related information, take a look at our FAQs page or contact us on 0116 321 4124 or via email, at: sales@suryaheating.co.uk

You’re also very welcome to post your query on our Facebook and Twitter social media pages as well.

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