795x1195 Flower NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 900W
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795x1195 Flower NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 900W

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Product Specifications

Wattage 900w
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Surface Material Aluminium
Surface Temperature 75-95°C
Dimensions (mm) 795mm x 1195mm x 22mm
Recommended Fixing Wall
IP Rating IP54 - Protected against splashes of water
Voltage 230V
Warranty 5 Years
Panel Weight No
Product Features Built in Thermostat with Remote Control
Requirements Eco Design Requirements for Electric Local Space Heaters

Looking to make a hefty saving on your energy bills? Then look no further as infrared heating is the cost-effective, eco-friendly method to bring your heating bills down to all time low. Why not test out infrared in the form of a pretty picture, such as the 795x1195 Flower NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 900W.

Designed by Mirrorstone, this discreet heating panel measures just 795 x 1195mm and can be easily wall-mounted. Using a tiny 900W of power, this panel can warm a room approximately sized 15-16m².

Manufactured solely using reliable and study aluminium materials, it has definitely been built to last. Being a heater, it can reach maximum temperatures of 95°C, but this is no concern. When mounted on a wall, it will remain out of reach, so in fact, the panel works out far safer than a typical radiator. It will even be protected against accidental splashes of water as it comes with an IP54 Rating.

Why Switch To Infrared?

Infrared technology is definitely the future of heating for any home or commercial space. With the ability to save up to 60% on your heating bills, along with being the safer, healthier option, it is a no brainer as to why you should make the switch.

Infrared essentially works in the form of far-infrared rays which are apart of the electromagnetic spectrum. Don’t be alarmed by this however, as it completely safe. In fact, it is the exact same form of heat the sun provides, only without the harmful UV rays.

The infrared rays that are emitted are absorbed by objects within a room and are constantly re-emitted so that a steady thermal mass can be established. As it is more much directional, there will be no heat wastage, especially as it isn’t the air that is being warmed.

NXT Gen IR Panel Thermostat Control

All About NXTGen

With LOT20 legislation being introduced back in 2018, we made the decision to revamp our heaters to make them more energy-efficient than ever before. Now, every panel comes with an integrated thermostat and remote control allowing you to easily manage how you heat your home.

With the remote, you can control all of the smart features, such as setting a 7-day timer. The integrated thermostat will also be able to regulate the room with automated temperature control.

It even has open-window detection and adaptive start which are where the panel really gets clever. Both of these features have been put in place to help you save. To find out more about controlling your panel, and all about the amazing NXTGen features, check out our NXTGen IR Manual.

IR Panel Installation Brackets

Stress-Free Installation

With standard heating methods such as radiators, or underfloor heating, it can time a lot of time (and money) to install. Our IR heaters however, will take no longer than 30 minutes to install, and can be done by any DIY amateur.

We will provide you with everything you will need, so simply follow our drilling template to drill four holes into your desired spot. Then, securely fit the wall plugs and screws, and slot your panel into place using the cross-hair brackets on the back of the panel.

From this, you can choose to hard-wire the panel, or you can just plug it into a 240V mains. Please ask a qualified electrician to hard-wire your heater.

Flower Sleek

Aesthetically Pleasing Looks

When you have guests over, they will never guess that the stunning image printed onto the panel is a heater. Often, they are mistaken for a canvas on the wall, until they feel the heat. This particular panel has a fairly dark image with a blurred out black background and orange chrysanthemum in the centre.

Should you wall mount, it will remain incredibly discreet as it measures just 22mm in depth, so it won’t protrude. We recommend having it on your wall, as it will free up the floor space as you can rid the room of bulky looking radiators.

Add the finishing touch to your image by selecting a frame of your choice. Your colour options include: white, silver or black.

Plenty Of Choice

We have a wide variety of Image IR Panels to ensure that there is something for each and every home. If you loved the image above however, then you’re in luck; we have it multiple sizes including: 350W, 580W, 700W or 1200W.

If you wanted an image with a touch more vibrancy, then check out the 795x1195 Washing Landscape NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 900W. This is our best-selling panel – with no surprise why. With a range of pink, purple, and orange hues, this gorgeous image shows off a unique sunset over a shallow shore and tree.

For a serene image, take a look at the 795x1195 Mountain Tops NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 900W. Showing off the snowy mountains in a forest terrain, this ethereal image is one that will get you wanting to explore the great outdoors.

Warranty & Returns

When you purchase one of our nifty panel heaters, you’ll receive a five-year warranty to completely protect your purchase.

We will provide you with an additional 14-day trial period just in case you find the heat from infrared isn’t quite for you. As this is an image heater, any returns will incur a 15% restocking fee.

During the trial period, please leave your panel intact, with all of the cabling and 3-pin plug. Removal will leave you ineligible for a refund. Removing the plug does not interfere with the warranty however.

A Helping Hand

We pride ourselves on our fantastic team of heating advisors who will be able to help you out with your order. We always recommend getting in touch prior to placing an order, as we will be able to guarantee that you have the right panels for your personal requirements.

You can contact us on 0116 321 4124, or you can send us an email to sales@suryaheating.co.uk. For your convenience, you can send us a message directly to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or to our online chat service found on our website.

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