Don’t Neglect The Bathroom

This customer decided to mount a 350W Classic Infrared Heating Panel for their shower room. With an all-electric home and the hunt for a radiant heater, they ended up making a purchase with us!

An All-Rounder

After a search for an electric heater to heat the bathroom appliances and the floor, without letting any cold within the space, this customer chose an IR panel.

Small but mighty, this White IR Panel is much better for a tight space as it will beam out enough IR rays to heat up quickly. Infrared waves will emit out of the panel and bounce around the space in order to warm up everything it touches. Unlike a standard heater, it will not form a convection current – which are notorious for creating cold spots. The last thing you want after coming out of a hot shower is to be greeted by a cold gust of air.

Another great feature of the panels is that they are beneficial for your health. They excite the molecules in objects and in our bodies, causing them to generate heat. This customer gets to experience the warming sensation of being close to an IR panel every single day!

Bathroom-Friendly Heating

Whilst it is very true that not many electrical appliances can be used in the bathroom, our IR panels definitely can! It is important to look at the IP rating – this will denote how protected the appliance is from dust and water. This customers panel is a highly-rated IP54 which means it is protected against splashes of water.

With our panels being able to be installed from the ceiling, on a wall or on panel stands, ceiling suspension is perfect for a bathroom as it will remain out of the way.

Another huge misconception of heating is that is will not have any affect on the growth of mould. When buildings or rooms are not heated or ventilated correctly, it will cause excess moisture to occur – leading to mould growth. Luckily, this bathroom will never experience that as IR heating is a pure form of heat that dries out walls from inside.

Opt to use a panel with a thermostat to set the perfect temperature in accordance to when you will be using the bathroom in the mornings or evenings for a comfortable heat.