Make Everyday A Spring Morning With Surya

If there was a match made in Heaven, it is definitely this customer’s conservatory and the 595x995 Spring Morning NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 580W.

Space-Conserving Conservatories

On talking to this customer, they told us that one main reason as to why they purchased on of our panels was because they are space savers. Perfectly bridging the gap between the home and the garden, a conservatory must be both warm and still have a homey feel.

Some may choose to opt for a Bar Heater in this particular space of the home as they kick out a lot of heat and are typically made up of windows – rather than wall.

With his NXT Gen panel, this lovely customer can take advantage of the 4 LOT20 compliant features. Unlike the Bar Heater range, these panels will allow them to:

  • Choose on/off times for weekends and weekdays,
  • Select a favourite temperature for the panel to turn on/off to maintain,
  • Save money as the unit will efficiently turn off when it detects a drop in temperature, as a result of an open window,
  • and Pick a goal temperature for the panel to wake up early to work toward for a set time.

Another fab fact about our panels is that they are just 22mm thick and can be mounted anywhere you want them to be. By simply screwing it into the ceiling, with the cross-hair bolt insertion holes, they can have the unit out the way – saving them valuable space for furnishings and more.

Heaters vs Artwork

This customer also explained how they liked the idea that the panel can be printed with an image and combines heating with an art piece. They wanted an image featuring a landscape, which was perfect as we have an entire Nature range dedicated to stunning landscapes, animals and city skylines!

Opting for Spring Morning was a great choice as it matches the colour tones of the room and features plants. It sits by the windows out into the garden which acts as a perfect transition between the two spaces.

If you are looking for an Image panel, we have a huge selection of different styles – including Artistic, Cosmos and even Aquatic! To suit every environment, they also come in 5 different sizes.