A lot of you are asking about the efficiency of our heaters. We’re here to explain that efficiency, and what makes our IR panels even better.

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Almost all electric heaters will get close to a 100% efficiency rating. If you put 1200W of electricity into an electric heater, you will get 1200W of heat out in some form.

A gas or oil heater can never be comparable. There are many steps between the fuel being ignited and you getting to feel the warmth. This leads to dips in efficiency throughout the process, meaning if you start the equivalent of 1200W of fuel, you won’t feel 1200W of heat.

Why Do Electric Heaters Have A Lower EPC Rating?

There’s a pretty simple explanation for this- it’s the cost of electricity. The EPC relies on like-for-like comparisons, so it has to make some fairly sweeping generalisations about electric heating to ensure consistency.

For example, the EPC currently assumes the least environmentally friendly fuel possible is being used for your electric appliances. Even the most sophisticated electric heating systems possible tend to rank low on this rating, which is more of a reflection of the UKs slightly outdated power stations.

With the rise in green tariffs and renewable sources of energy, it looks like this legislation is set to be changed a little, meaning the EPC ratings will better reflect the efficiency of electric heating.

Why Is IR Heating A Better Choice?

If all electric heaters have an 100% efficiency rate, what makes an IR heater better than any other?

The crucial difference isn’t in how much heat an IR heater produces, it’s about what it does with that heat.

A traditional convection heater will warm the air around it. A radiant IR heater will warm the objects and people it’s pointed at directly. What makes an IR heater better is its ability to focus the heat it produces precisely where it’s needed.

This makes radiant heaters a particularly good option for a quick blast of heat to get you feeling comfortable as soon as possible, without having to leave your heater running for ages.

This can mitigate some of the disadvantages of running an electric heater (such as the higher cost per kWh compared to a gas heater), because it means you won’t have to leave your heater running for extended periods.

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