Being such a new technology, there is no wonder why there are misconceptions surrounding Infrared Heating. This is why we have decided to break down the 5 most common myths, so you really know what product you are investing into.

Myth #1: Infrared Is Harmful

This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Far-Infrared has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to the body. It has even been proven to have a substantial impact on the integrity of buildings and will eradicate any damp or mould issues.

In fact, Infrared is a naturally occurring form of radiation which travels from the Sun to the Earth in the form of waves; which are subsequently absorbed by objects and mass on earth. Your own body even emits Infrared with no harmful effects or consequences.

Don’t be put off by the term ‘radiation’ either, as we use many types of radiation in our daily lives that don’t impact the body.

Myth #2: Infrared Is Heat

What many believe is that infrared itself is heat, when in fact, it is simply a form of energy transfer. Infrared is a type of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum, and is coined under the term “optical radiation”. This is sub-divided into three types of radiation including: Ultraviolet, Visible Light and then Infrared. However, Infrared is the main carrier of heat.

When the sun releases energy, 50% is IR energy, with 40% being visible light, and 10% being UV. This is why when you’re in the sunlight, you feel the sensation of being warm, and this is the exact same way that our Infrared Heating Panels work.

We, as humans, are radiant objects, and more than 60% of our sense of comfort is governed by radiant heat gain, or similarly, heat loss. A minute amount of our sense of comfort is decided by air temperature and movement.

This means that we are most comfortable when we are absorbing radiant heat from the environment, and not by unnatural heating methods such as central heating.

Myth #3: IR Can Give You A Tan

Unfortunately, our infrared panels will not give you a suntan. As mentioned above, they do produce the same heat you feel from the sun, but our IR panels are refined, and do not emit the penetrative UV radiation.

UV has a shorter wavelength, which penetrates the skin and damages cells that can have dangerous and sometimes deadly effects. IR, on the other hand, has a longer wavelength which doesn’t penetrate the skin anywhere near as deep. This means that it will not have a detrimental effect on the skin, or body, and will not affect the colouring of your skin.

All of our IR panels have also had rigorous testing to demonstrate their safety, and have been certified by CE and RoHS.

Myth #4: IR Is Dangerous Around Children

When it comes to your little ones, we understanding wanting to protect them from any dangers of the world. However, IR is completely safe for you and your children.

Should our customers ask if our products are suitable around children, we simply tell them that they reach the same temperatures as standard radiators. Your children know not to touch these heaters, and the same rule will apply with our panels.

What gives our panels the edge over convection radiators, however, is that they have an advanced heat sink enabling them to efficiently dissipate the heat. Not only this, but our panels are designed to be either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. This leaves them out of reach, and also unobtrusive and discreet against your décor.

Myth #5: IR Devices Can Interfere With One Another

Electromagnetic radiation works by wavelengths and frequencies, with different radiation having different frequencies. Infrared is no exception here, with various IR devices using distinct frequencies to avoid interference.

The receivers that the specific technology uses are encoded to only respond to certain frequencies also. They are also filtered in order to block out light that comes from different wavelengths. This means that your IR remotes will not be affected by other devices, or other frequencies within the area.


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