Infrared In The Home

How is the best way to use Infrared in the home?

  1. Meet Our Newest Bar Heaters

    Our newest bar heaters have arrived! Here’s everything you need to know about our exciting Zenos and Athena ranges. Continue reading →
  2. 3 Places To Install Your Panels

    Infrared panels offer a never-before-seen flexibility that other heaters can’t hope to match. Here’s out quick guide to the various options. Continue reading →
  3. 3 Reasons To Use Portable IR Panels

    We give you loads of ways to use your panels, but one of the most popular is portable. Here’s how to turn a panel portable, and why it’s great. Continue reading →
  4. Our Outdoor Heating Range Just Got Bigger!

      We’re expanding our range of amazing, affordable and effective infrared outdoor heaters! Learn more here. Continue reading →
  5. IR Heating Is Good For Your Heart!

    There are loads of amazing health benefits that comes from using infrared heating. We’re unpacking one of those benefits in more detail. Continue reading →
  6. Where Should I Install My IR Heating Panel?

    IR heaters keep you warm in a totally unique way, so when placing them into your room, there are a few factors to consider that you may not have ever had to before! Continue reading →
  7. Guide To Outdoor Heating

    More and more people are reinventing their outdoor spaces into gorgeous gathering areas and cosy rest spots. If you want to use your outdoor areas all year round, take a look at our guide to effective outdoor heating! Continue reading →
  8. How Solar Panels And IR Heating Could Save You Thousands

    Energy prices are on the rise, with the average cost of heating a UK home being around £453.24 per year. To put that in perspective, the average cost of powering a UK home is about £1042. That’s 43% of your total energy bill! And with increasing wholesale costs and shifts in taxes, that number is only going to go up...
  9. Heating Your At-Home Office

    Have you had to revamp or even create your own office at home this Summer? It can be hard to be away from your usual desk so it is important to set the right tone in your home workspace. Whilst it may be hard to be both comfy and productive, you can definitely be both under the warmth of IR heat. Continue reading →
  10. New In: Products That Have Just Dropped

    Here at Surya, we are always looking for new ways to reinvent IR Heating and bring you stylish, convenient and low-cost products. Recently, we have added some innovative new products for you to browse and fall in love with. Continue reading →

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