IR Panels: What Are They Made Of?

Surya Infrared Heaters are the newest and the most energy-efficient electric heating systems. They have completely revolutionised how you heat your home – from how they work to what they are made of.

Our Panel Heaters are some of our most popular panels, from Classics to Custom Panels. They are made with high-quality components to ensure they are robust and last for years to come.

What Is FIR Coating?

The panels themselves are made using a premium FIR coating. This is a type of heat-resistant coating that can handle temperatures over a whopping 200°C without turning yellow or ruining the overall look of the unit.

Not to mention that this will improve the carbon crystal heating element deeper inside the panel to distribute the Infrared waves much better than ever. With increased thermal efficiency, any space will be warmer than before.

The cherry on the top is that this coating is much more secure than the standard polyethylene terephthalate (PET) coating. It is fire resistant to protect your home and family in the warmth.

Other Components Of Your Panel

Without any moving parts, our IR panels have only a few components that make them up.

The back of the panel has two sturdy aluminium brackets, with two cross-hair bolt insertion holes, which are needed to mount it to a wall or ceiling.

You will also find a standard 240v junction box with 2 metres of heavy-duty flex cable and a UK 3-pin plug for plug-and-play functionality.

The Panel’s Finish

There are many different panels for you to shop today that will hide in your space.

You can go for simple White Panels for an office or larger commercial space – now with Wi-Fi and even Frameless options.

To add character into a space, take a look at our Image panels or create your own Custom IR Panel with your own picture!

Completely disguise your panels into your décor with our stunning Mirror and Glass IR Panels for an artistic look.


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