Infrared heating is still an up-and-coming technology that is revolutionary in the heating world. With a variety of advantages, compared to conventional heating, IR panels are a logical route to saving money, space and much more. So, why wouldn’t you use them in your office?

There are many reasons why an office would very much benefit from using IR heating. From their high energy efficiency to simple installation, our panels offer more than just a heating solution.

They can reduce your electricity bills up to 50%, require no maintenance once mounted and take up minimal space. IR panels are also beneficial for health as they do not spread dust and pathogens like standard heaters; protect your staff in the cold winters and hay fever plagues of the summer.

If you are not familiar with these panels, you may find it difficult to calculate how many are needed for your space. But, have no fear – we are here with a guide to how much heat your office may need.

How Many Panels Do You Need?

It may seem complicated, but figuring out how many heaters your space needs is not as long-winded as it looks. You will need a tape measure, a calculator and a little insulation knowledge of the office.

  1. Measure the length, width and height of the office in metres.
  2. Multiply the three numbers together to calculate the volume of the space in cubic metres.
  3. Multiply the volume by the number of watts per cubic metre required, using the guide below:
  • Poor insulation (built pre-1930) – 35w per mᶾ
  • Moderate insulation (built 1930-80) – 30w per mᶾ
  • Good insulation (built post 1980 or reinsulated) – 25w per mᶾ
  1. Find the perfect panel(s) for you to achieve the wattage required. You can opt for one heater, but we would suggest multiple panels for an office space for an even spread of heat.

Example 1: A Small Sized Office

Let’s say that your office measured 12m x 10.5m x 4m; it would be 504mᶾ. It has moderate insulation so we will times the volume by 25 to get 12,600w required for the entire space.

Therefore, you could purchase the 350W Classic IR Panels as they would fit into the ceiling for discreet heat. So you would require 36 to adequately heat the office.

Example 2: An Average Sized Office

A little larger in size, another office may be 23m x 15m x 3m and poorly insulated; thus, the amount of wattage required would be 31,050w.

In this case, you could opt for a higher wattage than the previous office as this is a larger space. If you wanted the 900w panels, you would need about 35. This will give you a little extra heat but who would complain with the cold winters?!

Example 3: A Large Sized Office

If you had a huge office and it measured something like 28m x 20m x 3m, it would have a volume of 1,680mᶾ. As a brand new building, it would have good insulation and require 33,600w.

It would be best to disperse the heat with 700w panels so, you would need 48 exactly to get the right amount of heating for your office.

Panel on wall of office

Panels We Like For An Office Space

As most office environments are usually large, we would recommend our Classic IR Heating Panels which will slot directly into a suspended grid ceiling. This will keep them concealed and save space as they are above your staff. This also allows heat to emit organically, rather than blasting out in one area.

If you wanted to personalise the panels with your business logo, motivational quotes or scenic images to breathe life into the space, opt for a Custom IR Panel and send us a picture to have printed onto the heater for you.

Order Your Panel Now

Don’t hesitate – let your office benefit from the heat of our IR panels now. Remember we have a 14 day free trial period for you to test your panels.

To get some extra information or help choosing which panels and how many you need, contact our friendly team on 0116 321 4124 or drop us an email at You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel.