Infrared heating has many advantages that thousands of our customers have benefitted from over the years. They’re cheaper than electric convection radiators, they look far more attractive compared to any other type of heating, you can install them yourself, maintaining them is super easy and they’re actually pretty good for your health too!

Seeing real world examples of this is key to understanding infrared, so we’ve spent some time getting in touch with some of our customers, and are happy to present some of their stories to you, so you can see how infrared heating has benefitted so many people. Have a read of some of them below!

1. Phillip Clarke’s Mirror IR Panel

A modern touch in an old home

2. Sarah Gibbs' 700W Custom IR Panel

Heating Is The Best Therapy

3. Paul Carpenter's Custom IR Panels at Oak Beauty Salon

Surya Takes The Salon

4. Marc Browne's 180W IR Heating Panel

Iguana Approved Heating Panels

5. Claire Smith's 2400W Helios IR Bar Heater

The Search For Clean, Comfortable Heat

6. Christine Palmer's Image & Custom IR Panel Heaters

A Home That Demands Minimalism