A Home That Demands Minimalism

Within recent years, home renovations have changed dramatically. With new inventions and new appliances entering the market all the time, it can be hard to know what gadgets to kit your home out with. Luckily for Christine, she had a fresh start and was able to decorate and renovate in the exact way she wanted to. This even included details such as how she wanted to heat her space.

Switching over to a different heating system can be quite daunting, but this wasn’t a problem for Christine. Following the guidance from her trusted electrician, she opted to kit out her lovely conservatory conversion with Infrared Heating Panels from us here at Surya Heating.

Why Choose Infrared Heating?

The biggest reason why Christine didn’t want to use standard radiators was simply down to the fact that she didn’t want any pipes and radiators disrupting the décor. This is often the case with our customers, as they often want a clean finish without radiators interfering with how they decorate the room. By using infrared panels, Christine could mount these heaters onto the wall, as shown in her images, and have discreet heating which improves the look of the room.

More often than not, there is a lot more up-keep when it comes to using traditional forms of heating which leads to more maintenance costs and higher bills over time. Now Christine has her panels mounted, this will not be a cause for concern for her and her family, and if any issues were to arise, she would be covered under her fantastic 5-year guarantee!

This has proven extremely popular with Christine and her family as they are now thinking of converting their entire home! Even her furry friend is loving the safe, healthy and comfortable heat from infrared!

Warming up a conservatory no matter what heating solution you use can be extremely difficult, but with infrared, you won’t lose the heat from draughts as you would with typical convection heaters. What’s better, is that Christine has noticed some huge savings, and has told us that they have proven to be extremely cheap to run compared to the heaters she uses elsewhere in her home.

Selecting The Right Infrared Heater

Overall, Christine has three panels. She has one of our stock images, the 900W Milky Way, along with two custom panels, one sized at 900W and the other at 1200W. While warming her space, her gorgeous images have also improved the design of the room, disguising her heating as pretty canvas’ on the wall.

When it comes to deciding which heater(s) you want for your home, it is always best to accurately calculate which wattages will warm up your space with ease. We have an online calculator which you can use, or you can call us on 0116 321 4124 and we will do all of the calculations for you. As Christine’s electrician was familiar with infrared, he was able to assist with this.