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Give your living space some va va voom with an 800 x 1200 Printed Infrared Heating Panel from Mirrorstone Heating. Their actual measurement is 795 x 1195mm and they come with a choice of stylishly finished frames to include white, silver and black aluminium, so you’ll be able to match perfectly it to your choice of decor.

They’re just 22mm thick, so can be affixed almost flush to either a wall or a ceiling when you use the screws and fixing materials that are right there in the box. There’s also a handy fixing template in there, so you’ll have no difficulty positioning it in exactly the right place.

This size of IR heating panel emits an enormous 960 watts of radiated heat. It’s electromagnetic and therefore completely safe, being the same type of wave the Sun uses to heat the Earth.

Manufactured using Polyethylene Terephthalate, a revolutionary thermoplastic polymer which effectively dissipates heat so, despite their surface reaching temperatures of 115°C, they’ll never burn you if you accidentally touch one.

A Huge Variety Of Printed IR Panels To Choose From

The 800 x 1200 Printed Infrared Heating Panels come in many different varieties, so you’ll have plenty of stunning images to choose from. Their size makes them an ideally sized panel to heat a room of about 45 m3 (metres cubed) which is fairly large.

We also have an enormous number of differently sized printed infrared panels for you to choose from, and they come in a wide variety of stunning designs, including 600 x 600 which generate 360 watts and 600 x 1000 emitting 580  to 700 watts of heat.

If you like the Printed IR Panels in the 800 x 1200 size range, you’ll love the fact that you can add your own image to our similarly sized Custom Printed Panel.

Just order your custom printed IR panel as you would any other, then e-mail us the image you’d like on it – wait 7 to 10 days, and you’ll have a heater that’s cunningly disguised as a family portrait in your possession!

If it’s the ultimate in discreet, concealed heating solutions you’re after, check out our Mirrored Infrared Heating Panels - literally wall or ceiling heaters that are disguised as full-length mirrors!

How Many 800 x 1200 IR Panels Will I Need To Heat My Room?

As Infrared is a relatively new form of heating technology, it’s understandable that people might be confused as to how many of them they’ll need to heat their room. Actually, the calculation is fairly easy and dependent upon only two essential pieces of information.

The first thing you’ll need to know is the volume or area of your room in metres cubed (m3). Measure your room’s length, width and height and then multiply those figures together to work out its area.

You’ll also need to be aware of the level of your home’s insulation. For example:

  • Homes built after 1980 will generally require 20 watts of power per m3.
  • Homes built between 1930 and 1980 will need 25 watts per m3.
  • Homes built before 1930 will require 30 watts per m3.

Each of our product description pages includes a useful ready reckoner that will calculate the number of panels you’ll need when you fill in the required fields with the above information.

But if you’re still a bit uncertain, please refer to our guide, entitled “How To Buy Infrared Panels” as it’ll really help.

Are There Any Advantages To Infrared Heating?

There are indeed a great many advantages to having infrared heating panels in your home, especially if you’re replacing traditional convection heaters. Here are just a few that might interest you...

They’ll Save You Money

The fact that IR panels work by heating the objects in a room rather than the air as convectors do, means that they require and consume a great deal less electricity. This is good news for you, and you’ll notice the reduction in your very next electricity bill.

They’re Long Lasting

Extremely simple construction and no moving parts mean they’ll require no servicing or maintenance throughout their lifetime. It also means there’s very little that can or will go wrong with them. Consequently, they’ll last around 100,000 hours, which equates to a 30 year lifespan!

They’ll Blend In With Your Surroundings

Discretion is an image infrared heating panel’s middle name. They’re pre-printed with a stunning picture which means that installing them on your wall is tantamount to hiding them in plain sight. People will look around the room and wonder where all the sumptuous heat is coming from!

They’re Environmentally-Friendly

Because they’re more energy-efficient and long-lasting than their more traditional predecessors, Infrared heating panels like this are a lot more eco-friendly, so if you’re trying to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, you’ll find that there’s no better heating solution.

Guarantees And Home-Trial

When you purchase one of these 800 x 1200 Printed Infrared Panel Heaters, you’ll have 14 days to see if it fulfils all your requirements.

If not, just get in touch with us, arrange to return it and we’ll offer you a replacement product or a full refund.

We’re so confident in the quality of our Infrared panel heaters that each comes complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. This will give you peace-of-mind in the longer term, even more so as it is upgradable to 5 years at no extra cost!

If you purchase one of these 800 x 1200 Printed Infrared Heating Panels today, you’ll receive it in 2 to 3 days’ time.

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