IR Heaters Become A Hot (Yoga) Commodity

Inspired by his Hot Yoga class, David opt for two of our 2400W Bar Heaters to heat up his at-home yoga studio.

Choose Your Weapon

David, like many of our customers, are limited as to how they can heat particular spaces as there are no links to the central heating system. With an electrical supply at hand, he purchased two of our 2400W Helios Infrared Bar Heaters to simply plug-and-play into his yoga sanctuary. Despite not being what we may be used to in regards to at-home heating, Infrared is very beneficial as an electric heating solution. It makes David’s bills a lot cheaper each month and also, he can turn them on and off with ease with his plug-in thermostat.

He gushed how his unit looks clean, does its job well and remains completely out of the way. This will not ruin the look of the space as it sits perfectly above his large mirrors and is directed straight onto him as he works out. Unlike standard convectional heaters, our units can be angled to face a specific target. You needn’t not worry though – the rays will beam out and bounce around the entire space, ensuring there is still an even spread of heat.

With a little cat walking around the space, it is also important that the heater be safely out of the way to avoid any accidents or incidents.

Hot Yoga & Your Health

Yoga is incredibly beneficial to your body and general health. There has been a huge increase in hot yoga which is essentially traditional yoga – in a heated environment. With the addition of Infrared, performing yoga in IR rays will increase your blood flow and relax your muscles even more.

The best way to warm a studio is with Bar Heaters (so, good choice David!). Kicking out significant amounts of heat, these are cost-efficient, larger and durable options. It will appear discreet and unobtrusive whilst have a dramatically positive effect on your health.

Another fab benefit of IR Heating is that the rays penetrate the skin by 3 inches. This will subsequently increase David’s blood flow during a Hot Yoga session and the encouraged circulation will keep him happy and healthy!

Other fantastic health benefits that David can be privy to is a lack of dust circulation, which is a very big disadvantage of convection heaters, and a reduced risk of mould and damp. This way he can keep his physical health in-check in more than just one way!