2200w Apollo Remote Controllable Infrared Bar Heater
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2200w Apollo Remote Controllable Infrared Bar Heater

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Product Specifications

Wattage 2200w
Wi-Fi N/A
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Surface Material Glass & Aluminium
Surface Temperature 200-300°C
Dimensions (mm) 980mm x 345mm x 272mm
Recommended Fixing Wall/Ceiling
Frame Colour None
IP Rating IP44 - Protected against splashes of water
Voltage 230V
Warranty 5 Years
Panel Weight 8kg
Product Features No
Requirements No

Warm up your garden, home, warehouse or office with a brilliant infrared bar heater. Mirrorstone’s infrared heaters are efficient, eco-friendly, and more attractive than any conventional radiator. It measures approximately 980mm by 345mm, and with a 2200w power output, can heat an area of around 34m2. It has a depth of just 272mm, which means it can be installed on your ceiling or wall without sticking out too much.

It is made from aluminium and glass, which look superb. That’s not all, though; it has a premium feel that really reassures you of its quality. It can reach a surface temperature of around 200-300˚C, but this won’t be an issue.  That’s because, although it’s hotter than a traditional radiator, it can be installed far out of reach. It can be installed high up on the wall, or even on the ceiling, so it’s unlikely you’ll accidentally touch it.

It is completely IP44 rated out of the box, so it’s protected against any accidental splashes of water. However, if it to be installed outside, we would recommend it is under cover, so that heavy rain cannot damage it.

Infrared Heating Information

Infrared heating is a revolutionary way of heating your home that far outstrips a traditional heater. An infrared heater can actually save you around 60% on your heating bills! It does this through warming the objects in the room, rather than the air around it. This is far more efficient due to the surface area of the objects in the room being less than the volume of air.

It fires infrared beams around the room that bounce off of the objects, leaving them warmed. In contrast, a conventional radiator warms the air, which causes convectional currents. This is where the warm air rises, cools, and falls again, requiring more heat. This can also promote dust circulation, mould growth, and cold spots, which is why infrared heaters tend to be better for your health.

Infrared heating is also completely safe. It uses the same technology as your TV remote control, or even heat vision, and the heat it provides is the same that the sun’s. However, infrared heating does not produce any of the harmful ultraviolet radiation as the sun does.

Apollo Infrared Bar Heater Brackets

Installation is Easy

Forget about getting any professional help in – installation is very easy to do. You won’t need plumbers or electricians – you won’t even need an assistant.

It’s a complete and utter DIY job, with no specialised knowledge or equipment necessary.

The heaters are completely plug-and-play compatible, so there’s no real work to do, other than actually getting it installed onto the wall.

There’s nothing difficult to do. All you have to do is drill a few holes in the wall ready for it to be mounted.

Simply screw the rear-mounted brackets into the wall or ceiling, and plug the cable into the wall. Remember, the brackets are adjustable, so you can target the heat at different areas of the room.

Please be aware that if the units are not cleaned regularly, a build-up of dust may appear. Find out more about how to maintain your heaters here!

Apollo Infrared Bar Heater Remote Control

Remote Controllable

If you’re hoping to control this heater at your own luxury, without having to move, without having to resort to walking over to use the control panel, then it’s your lucky day.

This heater is fully remote controllable, and the remote control is included! It’s so simple to use, it’s slim, it looks great, and it makes your life far more convenient.

You can change the temperature with ease, whether you need more or less heat to make you comfortable. You can turn the display on and off, if you wish to make the heater look a little more inconspicuous.

You can also set a sleep timer with the remote, if you wish for the heater to turn off after a certain amount of hours.

Apollo Infrared Bar Heater Screen

The LED Screen

If you need to know what your bar heater is up to, but maybe it’s outside and you’re inside, then the uber-helpful LED screen has got you covered.

The digits in the middle of the screen let you know what your target temperature is, so you will always know when it’s on the right setting or not.

That’s not all, either. You can use it for establishing the sleep timer, so that you know when your heater will turn itself off.

The four flame shaped lights below the temperature are there to let you know if the bar heater is actually releasing heat or not.  You can also lock the screen and its features, with a simple press of a button.

Warranty/Returns Information

Supplied with all of our Mirrorstone infrared bar heaters is an impressive 14-day home trial period, so you could either return or exchange it, if you change your mind.

Mirrorstone also provide these with an outstanding five-year warranty, so you may shop with confidence.

Contact Information

If you need any extra information our infrared heaters, then don’t be afraid to get in touch. Call us on 0116 321 4124, email us at sales@suryaheating.co.uk, or have yourself a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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9 Review(s)

Malcolm 25/01/2018

Surya heater review

This Apollo heater works exactly how I hoped it would – quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, it works well.
Overall Rating

Holly 08/01/2018

Bar heater review

For heating your house, these really should be no alternative. That’s how impressed I am with how well this heater works.
Overall Rating

Brandon 04/01/2018

Works very well

The remote control is an absolute godsend – it’s so much easier to operate than a traditional heating system. And it works better too – quicker and more efficient!
Overall Rating

Kylie 13/12/2017

Amazing heater

Amazing heater that arrived pretty quickly with free delivery. It works very well and feels pretty premium. Would definitely buy from Surya again. 5*
Overall Rating

Sully 08/12/2017


This heater is absolutely fantastic for my wife’s joints problems as it heats up much quicker than central heating and gives her much quicker relief. It also heats the rest of the room up easily, making it a much better option than central heating.
Overall Rating

Jason 08/12/2017

Very happy

For such a small heater, this really does the job! You can feel the heat almost as soon as you turn it on, so there really is no competition for an old radiator.
Overall Rating

Amie 05/12/2017

Love it

A really great addition to both my heating and my interior design. It works much better than other heating methods, and really looks the part in my house, too.
Overall Rating

Kim 21/11/2017

Brilliant Bar Heater

This heater is unbelievably good at its job – I have it installed in our office at work and there’s been no more complaints from any of the staff about being cold!
Overall Rating

Sheila 15/11/2017


Unbelievably good heater, so impressed with how well it works – heating up even my rather large living room with ease!
Overall Rating

5 Question(s)

Frequently Asked Questions

I have limited space the Apollo heater will be located 20cm from the conservatory roof, is this to close?
Hi, please could you advise the length of the cable pls.
I've two questions about this heater I hope to buy. As I understand from your write-up the thermostat switches the unit on/off depending on the ambient temperature it detects. This implies it is either fully on or fully off. Nothing in-between eg. steady 1kw as top-up. Second Q. If I decided to put a (good quality, electrically safe, my risk etc) rheostat in the circuit I of course understand you can't endorse that - but you can indicate if, in principle, reducing the power to, say, half - would allow the 2.2kw heater to operate successfully as if a 1.1kw heater (thermostat still doing its best..)
Can this heater be controlled by a thermostat? Planning to install above my cabinets in kitchen
Hi , How much do this unit cost per hour to run Thanks Maria

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