Iguana-Approved Heating Panels

Using one of our classic panels for one of our favourite uses to date, Marc has installed one onto the ceiling of his Iguana enclosure!

Infrared Heating For Animals

Unlike halogen lamps, Infrared Heating panels provide a steady wave of soft, subtle heat for the fluffiest or scaliest members of the family. After seeing it from a reptile group, Marc was on the search for a radiant heater that was sufficient enough to heat an outdoor shed for Inca the Iguana.

Heating With A Thermostat

You can control any panel with ease with an external thermostat. With animals, this may slightly differ. Whilst we are no experts, Marc uses a reptile thermostat with his panel to achieve the perfect ambient temperature for Inca. This ensures the heat replicates his natural habitat and is comfortable. Marc said:

I love them. I recommend you to every reptile owner I know really.”