How To Heat A Shed Converted Into An Office

Martin stumbled across infrared heating one day when he was looking online for alternative heating solutions. This was because Martin had no gas within his property, causing him to search for another way to heat his home.

Originally, he purchased one of our panels for his home which he found to be a great addition to his décor.

However, he then undertook a shed conversion which he converted into an open plan office space. He then needed a heater to warm up this area as it gets especially cold during the winter. From this, he decided to see how his panel functioned within his new office during the colder months.

Controlling His IR Heater

As the office is naturally being used as a work space, Martin knew exactly when he needed his heater on and off so he could use the integrated timer features. By using the 7-day timer feature, he is able to ensure that his office is lovely and warm for when he begins working in the morning. He is then able to ensure his heater is turned off once he finishes working too.

Throughout the day, Martin takes advantage of automated temperature control to reduce his energy bills further. This is a function which causes the panel to turn on and off in order to maintain the temperature which he has set.

Using Infrared To Improve His Interior Design

Martin opted for the 595x1195 Paris Purple NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 700W. This is a beautiful panel showing off the true beauty of this City of Light. It is wall mounted in front of his desk, creating a peaceful environment while he’s working.

Our Image IR Panels are extremely popular, and are great to brighten up your space. Disguising the heater as a canvas on the wall, your guests will never guess that the stunning image is what is actually heating the area.