Mirrorstone 14kW Electric Combi Boiler For Domestic Heating & Hot Water


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Free Shipping

Green Heating

Green Heating

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  • Compact Size

    Compact Size

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    Solar Compatible

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    Zero Servicing

  • Wi-Fi Available

    Wi-Fi Available

  • Safer Than Gas

    Safer Than Gas

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Rating 5 out of 5’’ Excellent alternative to traditional heating. I have 2 panels in my garden office and they keep everything nice and warm. Not to mention they look fantastic’’

- Joseph Mitchell

Rating 5 out of 5’’We definitely recommend this company. Our orders were dealt with promptly delivery next day, easy to use website we will not hesitate in using this company again.’’

- Leo

Rating 5 out of 5’’My infrared table top heater is exactly what I’d hoped…works brilliantly, heats a good-sized area very well, and yet is lightweight and unobtrusive. A question I had before purchase was also quickly and efficiently answered via email by the customer service team. Perfect with delivery too.’’

- Ami

Rating 5 out of 5’’Purchased an infrared bar heater (2400w) for my barber shop ahead of the winter. We are in an industrial building with a very high ceiling & cinderblock walls. This heater is perfect! Keeps my shop at a nice temperature, even with the door opening/closing regularly. The smartphone app is a massive bonus - i can turn on & control the heat anytime, anywhere. No more cold early mornings!’’

- Ellis Jane

Rating 5 out of 5’’a very professional team which have a good knowledge of the product , very helpful and and made it a easy to buy the heater knowing it would do the job , put no pressure to buy and gave me time to consider . overall an excellent job’’

- Richard

Rating 5 out of 5’’A great choice of IR heaters and a few really simple steps to add your own image. Its a great service with the image being checked and discussed with you before it goes for printing onto the heater. Very quick delivery and we are very pleased with the heater, the quality of the printed picture and the ease of use of the heating system. Have recommended the Company and the service to friends.’’

- Doug Ryan

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Product Description

The Mirrorstone 14kW Electric Combi Boiler For Domestic Heating & Hot Water is a fantastic option for large properties, or homes with poorer insulation, producing plenty of heating for you to stay cosy all year round without being wasteful or unnecessarily powerful.

With this boiler, you can expect a maximum flow rate of 7 litres per minute.

It's important to note that at a rate of 7 litres per minute, this boiler will increase your water temperature by a maximum of 30°C. For example, if your incoming water temperature is 20°C, then the boiler will heat it to a maximum of 50°C at 7 litres per minute.

If you want an ultra-efficient way of controlling your heating, then make sure to add the optional WIFI thermostat to your order by selecting it from the drop-down menu before adding the boiler to your cart.

For a small extra cost, this will unlock the ability to fully control your heating from your phone or other smart home compatible system. Stop stressing about leaving your heater running and accidentally racking up bills, you can set things up to your exact liking! You can even set things up so your home will be perfectly warm when you come home for the day.

Please note that this Electric Boiler will require its own dedicated power line.

Safer, Combustion Free Heating

Electric boilers convert electrical energy into thermal energy, transferring that thermal energy throughout your home via radiators and hot water. This sets them apart from older boilers, which burn fuel (typically gas, oil, or coal).

As they don’t run on gas, electric boilers are significantly safer compared to combustion boilers (particularly older boilers). There’s no risk of gas leaks, and therefore can’t be a source of carbon monoxide poisoning. Properly installed by a qualified electrician, you can expect safe and effective heating for up to 25 years!

Electric boilers also don’t need a flue, since they have no waste gas to expel, which can actually help you save a lot of space. They also, naturally, don’t need to be connected to a gas main, which makes them a great option if you don’t have access to one.

Since your boiler isn’t burning fuel, it’s a lot easier for it to maintain a constant temperature. This is brilliant for keeping your heating as efficient as possible, it won’t peak and trough randomly with minimal fluctuations. Consistency is key for keeping your heating as efficient as possible, as it means you won’t waste energy creating heat when you don’t truly need it.

On top of all this, the lack of combustion makes electric boilers more durable. You don’t need to stress about maintenance nearly as much as with older boilers. You won’t need to worry about a pilot light, or about the residue build up that you get in combustion boilers.

And as a small added bonus, this all means that electric boilers don’t make noise, making it easier to relax and unwind!

More Boilers For Your Home

There are several other options within our electric boiler catalogue, so if this particular model isn’t quite right for your home, there might be another option that’s perfect!

The Mirrorstone 8kW Electric Boiler For Domestic Heating is a good choice if you have another source of hot water. Since it doesn’t need to use power to produce that hot water, it can save you more energy.

If you have a smaller property, or more modern insulation standards, then the Mirrorstone 12kW Electric Combi Boiler For Domestic Heating & Hot Water is a good alternative, using a little less power.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch by either giving us a call 0116 321 4124 or emailing us at sales@suryaheating.co.uk. We can talk you through any questions you may have about your home’s heating!

Please note that we are unable to accept returns on this boiler if the box has been opened. This boiler is also protected by a 1-year warranty, and the heating element is covered by a 3-year warranty, so you can be certain this boiler is built to last!

You can also check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for more information as well as details on any flash sales.

Delivery & Returns

All panels come with free delivery within 2-3 days, and next day delivery is available for £5.99.
Image & Custom Image Panels have a 7-10 day lead time before we are able to dispatch them.
You can return your panel if you are not happy with it within 14 days of receiving it.

Installation Guide

Installation of an Electric Boiler should only be carried out by a qualified plumber.


Electric boilers are ideal for homes where there is no gas supply. Not only that, but they operate at far higher efficiency (99%) than most gas boilers (89-95%). Electric boilers also require no flue as there are no waste gases, and are more compact as a result. They operate silently and require no servicing.

Specs Table
More Information
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Wattage 14kW
Wi-Fi Yes
Boiler Type Combi
Power 14kW 220V
Supply Type 1Ph
Minimum Cable Size 15mm
Approx Heated Area 140sqm
Rated Current 63.64A
First Class Anti Freezing Range 8℃-15℃
Second Class Anti Freezing Range 5℃-15℃
Output Voltage 220V
Expansion Tank Capacity 5L
Product Weight 22.9KG
Product Size 580mm x 360mm x 230mm
Package Size 690mm x 430mm x 310mm
House Heating Yes
Domestic Hot Water Yes
Water Pressure 1-3 Bar
Warranty 5 Years
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will this boiler fill a bath


Q1 My house is +- 250 cubic meters, will your 14 kw heater big enough to heat my home??? Q2 Is the hot water to the taps pumped, or just mains pressure.???


Is the "Mirrorstone 14kW Electric Combi Boiler For Domestic Heating & Hot Water" suitable for underfloor heating covering approximately 35 sqmtrs while also supplying hot water?


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