The NXT Gen Of Heating – And The Kis Family

With his 1200W NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel suspended from his living room ceiling, Peter is benefitting from all the glory of an IR unit!

How’s It Hangin’?

One of the best attributes of our panels is that they do not have to sit on a wall, close to the ground, as a normal heater would. Convection heaters often create what we call ‘dead space’ – this means that you are not able to use the space in front or around them as you would inefficiently be blocking in the heat.

With all of our customers being able to choose how they install them from ceiling suspension, wall mounting or allowing the panels to float on panel stands, Peter opted for a Suspension Kit to have the panel hang from above. Beautifully filling up a large space on the ceiling, Peter and his family – who are expecting a baby girl at the time we write this! – can feel the heat without compromising the aesthetic of their beautiful living area.

If you have little ones, or pets, IR panels are also a much safer option as they can be securely fit out of the way to reduce the risk of accidents and incidents.

Efficiency Like Never Before

Peter noted how he chose to go for an Infrared panel as they give off a better feeling of clean heat and that they are energy efficient.

Opting for an NXT Gen panel was a fab choice! With the LOT20 legislation of 2018, we at Surya sat down to redesign our panels for increased efficiency; with this, we introduced our NXT Gen range. With 4 fanciful features, Peter can now take advantage of the…

7-Day Timer: Set different on/off times for both the weekdays and weekends

Adaptive Start: Choose a time and temperature for the panel to wake up early and work towards automatically

Automated Temperature Control: The panel will turn on and off in order to regulate a chosen temperature

Open-Window Detection: Have the unit switch off as soon as it detects a drop in temperature that may be caused by an open window

Making Peter’s life easier, he can control each of these settings from the palm of his hand with a remote!