795x1195 Norwegian Fjord NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 900W
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795x1195 Norwegian Fjord NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 900W

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Product Specifications

Wattage 900w
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Surface Material Aluminium
Surface Temperature 75-95°C
Dimensions (mm) 795mm x 1195mm x 22mm
Recommended Fixing Wall
IP Rating IP54 - Protected against splashes of water
Voltage 230V
Warranty 5 Years
Panel Weight No
Product Features Built in Thermostat with Remote Control
Requirements Eco Design Requirements for Electric Local Space Heaters

Remove inefficient heating methods in your home by making the switch to infrared heaters. Designed by Mirrorstone is the 795x1195 Norwegian Fjord NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 900W. This gorgeous panel looks nothing like a heater and will remain discreet in your home, especially as it measures just 22mm in depth.

Measuring 795 x 1195mm, this larger heater will use 900W of power to warm up a room approximately sized 15-16m². Just like a traditional heater, the panel will of course get hot. The aluminium surface can in fact reach maximum temperatures of around 95°C. We have designed our heaters to be incredibly safe though, and as they are usually mounted out of reach, it makes them rather unlikely to burn you. This makes them the safer option, as radiators are always in arm’s length. For added protection, we have ensured that the heaters are guarded against any accidental splashes of water as they are IP54 Rated.

To complete your fantastic heater, select a frame to match the image. We have three different colour options, including: white, silver or black.

3 Benefits Of Infrared

Infrared is an incredibly eco-friendly way to heat up your home, and uses infrared radiation waves to directly heat objects within a room. This works out much more energy-efficient compared to a typical radiator which heats the air. Overall, this method works out highly inefficient as it takes a while to heat an area, and is also easily lost to draughts.

Infrared is great for your health too! This is because the healthy and natural IR rays are absorbed by the body to stimulate blood flow and even reduces joint pain.

Better yet, this drier form of heat will completely eradicate any damp or mould issues. This is because infrared dries out walls from the inside eliminating any growth. Both can be damaging to your health, and the building, but luckily infrared will protect you and your home.

NXT Gen IR Panel Remote

The NXTGen Upgrade

With LOT20 legislation taking effect back in 2018, we ensured that we upgraded our innovative panels to ensure that they are as energy-efficient as possible. This is why we added an integrated thermostat along with a remote control to found our NXTGen Range.

The remotes require two AAA batteries, and has an LCD display allowing you to easily view the screen. It even comes with a 12-month warranty to ensure it is protected.

With the remote, you can manage your heating with ease. You will even be able to set a 7-day timer so you can schedule on and off times for both the week and weekend.

For full details on how to use the remote, and how to set up your heater, take a look at our NXTGen IR Manual.

NXT Gen IR Panel Thermostat Control

NXTGen Features

Our NXTGen heaters have other smart features including automated temperature control. This uses the thermostat to monitor the room, and should it get too hot or cold, the panel will force itself to turn off or on accordingly.

There is then adaptive start which works by monitoring the room three hours before the panel is due to come on. Essentially, you set a time and temperature, and your room will be that temperature at the time you set.

Finally, there’s open-window detection. Should you forget about your heater and open a window, the panel will notice this and turn itself off in order to conserve energy. This works out far more efficient, and could help you save a tonne!

Norwegian Fjord Sleek

Sleek Appearance

This gorgeous panel features an image to ensure it doesn’t look like a regular heater. You will astonish your guests as they will have no idea that the gorgeous image on your wall is heating up the room.

This particular panel portrays an image of the mountains all covered in a thick layer of snow and clouds above. It is incredibly minimal, which means it will look great in any laid-back environment. Better yet, as it is designed to be wall-mounted, you can rid your home of unattractive radiators. This will free up your floor space, allowing you to decorate your home the way you truly want to with no limitations.

Alternative Imagery

To suit any décor, we have ensured that we have a wide range of gorgeous Image IR Panels on our website. This includes a variety of images, along with the panel above just in other sizes including: 350W, 580W, 700W or 1200W.

If you prefer a contemporary approach to interior design, then we’re sure you’ll love the 795x1195 Stormy Shore NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 900W. Portraying a greyscale image of a stormy and rocky coastline, the image will be right at home in any minimal space.

If you’re a fan of nature, then you definitely need to check out the 795x1195 Flower NXT Gen Infrared Heating Panel 900W. With a blurry and blacked out background, it features a pretty burnt orange Chrysanthemum in the middle of the panel.

Shopping With Surya

When you shop with us, you will receive a 14-day returns period which allows you to test out your IR panel from the comfort of your own home. Should you discover that the heat you feel doesn’t quite work for your home, you can return the panel back to us. We kindly ask that it is returned with the plug and cable still attached, otherwise you will not be eligible for a refund.

Removing the plug does not affect the lengthy five-year warranty however.

To get in touch with our team and to learn more about all things infrared, give us a call on 0116 321 4124, or send us an email to sales@suryaheating.co.uk.

We can also be reached via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for your convenience.

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