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  1. How Solar Panels And IR Heating Could Save You Thousands

    Energy prices are on the rise, with the average cost of heating a UK home being around £453.24 per year. To put that in perspective, the average cost of powering a UK home is about £1042. That’s 43% of your total energy bill! And with increasing wholesale costs and shifts in taxes, that number is only going to go up...
  2. Come And See Us At Grand Designs 2021!

    We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we are well and truly back, as we’ll be sending some key members of the Surya team to Grand Designs 2021 at the Birmingham NEC! This is the first exhibition we’ve attended in two years, so it’s certain to be an amazing couple of days full of inspiration, energy and excitement! We’ve loved being...
  3. Heating Your At-Home Office

    Have you had to revamp or even create your own office at home this Summer? It can be hard to be away from your usual desk so it is important to set the right tone in your home workspace. Whilst it may be hard to be both comfy and productive, you can definitely be both under the warmth of IR heat. Continue reading →
  4. Keep Your Pets Warm With IR Heating

    Keep your chickens and cats cosy, horses happy and turtles toasty warm as we delve into the thick of the coldest time of year! Our Infrared heaters are not only suitable for domestic and commercial purposes, but can also be used to keep the fluffiest of family members warm as well! With a host of advantages and health benefits, why wouldn’t you opt for IR to keep your pet out of the cold this winter? Continue reading →
  5. Enter Our Competition To Win A £100 Voucher!

    It’s competition time! Here at Surya Heating, we will be awarding one lucky winner with a fantastic prize. Entering is easy, just continue reading below to learn more! Surya IR Heater Mounted In Lounge For Competition Continue reading →
  6. Buy Your Heater Today And Pay Later

    This is not a drill. We have teamed up with Duologi to bring you a financing scheme in which you can pay for your IR panel or Bar Heater in a maximum 12 monthly instalments – rather than in one lump sum. Continue reading →
  7. Get Winter Ready With Infrared Heating

    Inefficient heaters have been the powerhouses of the heating market for many years now. This is where Infrared Heating is prepared to take the reins. As winter is (unfortunately) getting closer and closer, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to heat your home during the colder months. With infrared, you can make your life that touch easier. Continue reading to learn why you should install IR this winter! Modern living room interior Continue reading →
  8. See Us Live At Grand Designs Live 2019!

    Our Surya Heating team will be off to Birmingham’s famous NEC from 9 – 13th October 2019 for Grand Designs Live 2019. Bringing along our innovative heaters, you can find us at stand B208 in the Build Zone to have a chat with one of our lovely advisors and to feel the heat for yourself. Continue reading →
  9. New In: Products That Have Just Dropped

    Here at Surya, we are always looking for new ways to reinvent IR Heating and bring you stylish, convenient and low-cost products. Recently, we have added some innovative new products for you to browse and fall in love with. Continue reading →
  10. Trending Now – All About Infrared Sauna Blankets

    By now, everyone has heard of infrared saunas, hot yoga and the wide range of health benefits they offer. But, have you heard of Infrared Sauna Blankets? Storming the market, these nifty portable saunas could be the affordable health and wellness trend that is finally an option anyone could purchase. Continue reading to see if infrared blankets and of course, infrared itself, is right for you. Continue reading →

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