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  • Infrared and Yoga – Why Hot Yoga Is On Trend

    Hot Yoga is surging in popularity, and it is no surprise why. This traditional exercise has been reinvented for the modern world, and has taken the market by storm featuring forward-thinking Infrared Heaters.

    The combination of IR heaters and yoga is a ground-breaking idea that has both physical and mental benefits to keep your chakras aligned. Continue reading to find out more about this dynamic duo…

    Infrared Glass Panel for yoga

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  • 11 Mind-Blowing Facts About Infrared Radiation

    There are plenty of reasons why we are big fans of IR heating and what it can do for our customers. But there are more exciting facts and advantages of these fascinating rays than we have already told you.

    Keep reading for just a handful of incredible IR fun facts that you can boast about when your guests ask about your Infrared heater!

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  • 5 Myths Of Infrared - Debunked

    Being such a new technology, there is no wonder why there are misconceptions surrounding Infrared Heating. This is why we have decided to break down the 5 most common myths, so you really know what product you are investing into.

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  • A Guide To Custom Print Panels

    What makes our infrared panels so great is their versatility. Not only will they save you a great deal on your energy bills, but they will provide your home with a discreet and healthy heat. Today, we will be showing you the bespoke service of our custom prints, allowing you to personalise your panels.

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  • What’s That Little Blue Light?

    On purchase, you will find our Infrared panels are installed with a blue LED light in the bottom right corner. But what are these for exactly? Let’s find out…

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  • A Guide To Buying An IR Heating Panel

    So, you’ve decided to purchase an Infrared heating panel and now you are a little confused as to how you are going to go about it.

    Have no fear – we have created an idiot-proof guide to buying your heater from the size you need to the design on it.

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  • Infrared Panels vs Underfloor Heating

    With many getting rid of their old-fashioned gas heating systems, a common question they ask us is whether to install Infrared Heating Panels, or Underfloor Heating. Both options are incredibly innovative, and far more efficient, but which is the better alternative? We’ve created a quick guide to help you make that choice!

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  • Saving Money With IR Heating

    Infrared panels propose many different advantages including discreet heat, being kind to the environment and aiding a healthy lifestyle. But, are they beneficial to your bank account?

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  • Controlling your Infrared Heating Panel

    So, you’ve worked out what panels you want to buy, and what wattage you need to effectively cover the area, the next step is deciding how you’re going to control it. This is a completely personal choice dependant on how you want to use it. Therefore, we have made a quick guide to give you a helping hand in finalising your decisions.

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  • How To Look After Your Infrared Heating Panel

    Surya’s revolutionary Infrared panels are vastly improving heating solutions in the UK and are wowing our customers with their efficiency, health and money-saving benefits.

    Our IR panel heaters have many advantages but, one of the most attractive ones is that they require minimal maintenance during their 30 year lifespan.

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