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  1. How Long Do Heat Pumps Last For?

    Heat pumps are a major investment, so it’s important that you get your money’s worth. How long will your heat pump last before you need to think about replacing it? Continue reading →
  2. How To Maintain Your Air Source Heat Pump

    When properly looked after, an air source heat pump could last you for as long as 25 years, with some stretching on as long as 50! How can you help your heat pump last as long as possible? Continue reading →
  3. How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

    How do air source heat pumps actually get heat from the air outside and bring it into your home? Continue reading →
  4. 6 Amazing Reasons To Use A Heat Pump

    Heat Pumps are the green heating solution that're taking the world by storm! Learn all about the incredible benefits they can bring to your life here. Continue reading →
  5. Heat Pumps Or IR Heaters?

    Heat pumps have been in the news a lot lately, and when properly installed they make for a for a fabulously efficient and futureproof method of heating your home. However, they’re not the only option, and for a lot of homes IR Heating could be a far more practical choice. Continue reading →
  6. Guide To Outdoor Heating

    More and more people are reinventing their outdoor spaces into gorgeous gathering areas and cosy rest spots. If you want to use your outdoor areas all year round, take a look at our guide to effective outdoor heating! Continue reading →
  7. Four Ways To Insulate Your Property

    Insulation has been in the news a lot lately for a reason! If you’re looking to upgrade your home heating to something more environmentally friendly (and energy bill friendly!), starting with ensuring your home has good insulation is your best bet. It will ensure that whatever form of heating you choose, it will be operating at maximum efficiency. Continue reading →
  8. Come And See Us At Grand Designs 2021!

    We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we are well and truly back, as we’ll be sending some key members of the Surya team to Grand Designs 2021 at the Birmingham NEC! This is the first exhibition we’ve attended in two years, so it’s certain to be an amazing couple of days full of inspiration, energy and excitement! We’ve loved being...
  9. Heating Your At-Home Office

    Have you had to revamp or even create your own office at home this Summer? It can be hard to be away from your usual desk so it is important to set the right tone in your home workspace. Whilst it may be hard to be both comfy and productive, you can definitely be both under the warmth of IR heat. Continue reading →
  10. Enter Our Competition To Win A £100 Voucher!

    It’s competition time! Here at Surya Heating, we will be awarding one lucky winner with a fantastic prize. Entering is easy, just continue reading below to learn more! Surya IR Heater Mounted In Lounge For Competition Continue reading →

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