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General info about Infrared technology.

  1. Heat Pumps Or IR Heaters?

    Heat pumps have been in the news a lot lately, and when properly installed they make for a for a fabulously efficient and futureproof method of heating your home. However, they’re not the only option, and for a lot of homes IR Heating could be a far more practical choice. Continue reading →
  2. Keep Your Pets Warm With IR Heating

    Keep your chickens and cats cosy, horses happy and turtles toasty warm as we delve into the thick of the coldest time of year! Our Infrared heaters are not only suitable for domestic and commercial purposes, but can also be used to keep the fluffiest of family members warm as well! With a host of advantages and health benefits, why wouldn’t you opt for IR to keep your pet out of the cold this winter? Continue reading →
  3. 11 Mind-Blowing Facts About Infrared Radiation

    There are plenty of reasons why we are big fans of IR heating and what it can do for our customers. But there are more exciting facts and advantages of these fascinating rays than we have already told you. Keep reading for just a handful of incredible IR fun facts that you can boast about when your guests ask about your Infrared heater! Continue reading →
  4. What Can IR Heating Do For You?

    Being quite new to the UK, Infrared heating is starting to wave its current over the country and convert convectional heating users to IR radiation. There are so many advantageous reasons to invest in our heating panels and we’re going to break them down with you right here. Continue reading →
  5. How Does Infrared Heating Work?

    Here at Surya, we are big fans of IR heating and want to bring it to you for a good price, with a stylish look and with ultra-modern technology. Sooner or later, they will replace convection heaters and we are here to help you be clued up about IR before the revolution takes place. Continue reading →

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