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General info about Infrared technology.

  1. 100% Efficient Heating: What It Means For You

    A lot of you are asking about the efficiency of our heaters. We’re here to explain that efficiency, and what makes our IR panels even better. Continue reading →
  2. Why Isn’t My Heater Warm Enough? 3 Common Mistakes With IR Heaters And How To Solve Them

    If you feel like your new IR heater isn’t quite producing enough warmth, you may have made one of these common mistakes. Luckily, we’ve also got some quick troubleshooting tips to hand! Continue reading →
  3. Taking Your Heating Off The Grid

    Whether you’re one of the 2 million UK homes that’s already disconnected from the gas grid, or looking to take the plunge for yourself, take a look at our guide to the best ways to heat your home without gas. Continue reading →
  4. Controlling Your Outdoor Heating

    Take your patio heating to the next level with our guide to the various ways you can control it! Continue reading →
  5. How To Effectively Heat Your Outdoor Areas

    Summer is here, and we’re all itching to get outside. How can we make sure our outdoor spaces stay comfortable, no matter the weather? We’ve put together this quick guide to making your outdoor heating more effective and a lot greener! Continue reading →
  6. Radiant Heating: Fact & Fiction!

    Radiant heat is what sets our IR Panels apart from any other source of heat! Let’s separate the myths from the reality, and see how radiant heat can totally change how you heat your home! Continue reading →
  7. How Long Does An IR Panel Last For?

    When investing in a new heating system, you want to know it’s built to last. How long will a new IR Panel last you in real world terms? Continue reading →
  8. IR Heating Is Good For Your Heart!

    There are loads of amazing health benefits that comes from using infrared heating. We’re unpacking one of those benefits in more detail. Continue reading →
  9. Eco Heating: What Are The Options?

    Environmentally friendly heating is cost-effective heating. Here are some ways you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint- and save money! Continue reading →
  10. Where Should I Install My IR Heating Panel?

    IR heaters keep you warm in a totally unique way, so when placing them into your room, there are a few factors to consider that you may not have ever had to before! Continue reading →

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