Environmentally friendly heating is cost-effective heating. Here are some ways you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint- and save money!

All our heating options, from IR panels, to electric boilers, to heat pumps offer up amazing energy efficiency, which makes them inherently greener than older methods of heating (and better value for money).

  • IR Heaters use radiant heating, which is a much more direct heating method that warms you instead of the air around you.
  • Heat pumps work as a fridge in reverse, and can reduce your carbon footprint by as much as two thirds. For every unit of electricity you use, it provides 3 units of heat.
  • Electric boilers use stored energy instead of gas, making them far eco-friendlier compared to combustion boilers.

But there are ways to improve this even further!

Improve Insulation

Before you make any upgrades to your home’s heating, you should absolutely check up on the state of your home’s insulation and make any improvements you can. This will exponentially improve the efficiency of any heating method you choose, as your house will retain heat much more effectively.

Here are some options:

  • Draught Proofing (£)
  • Loft Insulation (££)
  • Double Glazing (£££)
  • Insulate your walls or underfloor (££££)

Home Automation

One of the most common ways that energy winds up wasted in a heating system is via human error.

Think about it! How many times have you left the house, only to realise with horror that you’ve left the heating on? This is one of the reasons that home automation is the next best step for improving the efficiency and green-credentials of your heating.

Smarter heating also gives you access to zone control, letting you heat specific rooms instead of the whole house. This small change leads to absolutely huge energy saving potential, without leaving you shivering in the cold!

Our electric boilers all come with the option for an WIFI thermostat, as do our heat pumps, allowing for instant Smart Home compatibility. If you’d like an automated WiFI IR Panel, then take a look at our Solis range, such as the 350W Solis Wi-Fi Infrared Heating Panel.

Renewable Energy Sources

Finding a self-sufficient source of energy is the key to truly eco-friendly heating. Combustion boilers make use of fossil fuels, which will inevitably run out one day. By converting to electric heating, you have the potential to be used with renewable energy sources that ensure a truly green and futureproof home.

Solar panel arrays are the most common domestic source of renewable energy. Many people have doubts about how effective they are, especially in the UK, where sometimes it seems like we see no sun at all for months!

However, because of the massive uptick in efficiency you get from electric heating, they actually combine brilliantly with renewable sources of energy, making every watt they use really count!

This is also a great way to offset the increased cost of electricity!

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