Our newest bar heaters have arrived! Here’s everything you need to know about our exciting Zenos and Athena ranges.

Wi-Fi Enabled For Smarter Heating

Both Athena and Zenos come in two distinct models, standard and smart. The standard model is great for keeping things simple, but the smart models bring a lot of extra features to the table.

With the smart models you’ll get a remote control that you can use to adjust them to your liking, but you can also pair them with your phone through the Smart Life app. That means you can control your heater from literally anywhere in the world, as long as your phone can connect to the internet.

You can even pair your heater with a Google Home or Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. That lets you control your heating with your voice alone.

All of this lets you bring true smart heating into your home, with adjustable schedules that ensure your heating is on precisely when you need it. This can save you as much as £154 a year.

If you’re the sort of person who always needs to double check that your heating is off before you leave the house, the peace of mind this can really help.

However, the extra features that our smart models offer don’t stop there…

What You Get With A Smart Athena

Open Window Detection

If you’ve got a window open, there’s very little point running a heater, as you’re just endlessly heating cold air as it comes into your home. Still, it can be easy to forget your heater is running, which is where this feature comes in.

When active, if your heater detects a sudden drop in ambient temperature, it’ll shut off. This will save you a fortune by preventing you from wasting energy.

This feature can be turned on and off via the Smart Life app, so if you don’t want your heater to turn off unless you tell it to, you don’t have to use this feature.

Multiple Power Levels

Sometimes you don’t need the full power that either of these heaters can offer. This is where these variant power levels come in. You can choose to have your heater use less power while still kicking out plenty of heat.

Athena offers 4 distinct power levels for maximised customisation.

Body Sensor

Want a heater that’ll just turn off when you’re not in the room? When this mode is on your heater will scan for movement. If it doesn’t detect any after 2 minutes it will switch itself off.

If you don’t want to have to occasionally wave a hand to keep your heater going, you can switch this feature off.

What You Get With A Smart Zenos

Open Window Detection

Save on your energy bills by minimising the risk of leaving your heating running when you don’t need it. If the ambient temperature drops by 3 degrees in 2 minutes, your Zenos heater will switch itself off automatically.

Multiple Power Levels

You can have your Zenos use all the watts available to it, or you can switch to low power mode which will use half as many. This is great for saving on your energy bills while still enjoying comfortable heat.

Zenos heaters have two power levels, full and half. For example, the 2400W model can use either the full 2400W of power, or 1200W.

What’s The Difference?


Zenos is a perfect choice for anyone looking to heat a large open plan space such as a workshop or warehouse, as well as areas with poorer insulation such as conservatories and garage conversions.

They have a sleek black look, and don’t produce any light, which makes them a great choice if you want a subtler look. They do feature either an LCD screen or a small LED indicator light so you can still safely tell what your heater is doing at a glance.

Improved Casing & Double Insulated Heating Element

You won’t see the heating element of Zenos on display, and that’s because it’s concealed beneath two insulation layers. This improves safety, but it also maximises the thermal efficiency of your heater. This minimises the risk of heat energy being wasted.

Larger Interior Heat Sinks

We didn’t stop with improving the casing. Inside the heater there are even better heat sinks. This stops the key components of your heater from getting too hot, massively improving Zenos’ lifespan.

4K QPixel Screen

The standard model comes with a simple LED indicator to tell you if the heater is on or off, but the Smart model features an advanced 4K QPixel screen which makes it easy to tell at a glance exactly what your heater is doing.


The Athena takes things in a different direction. With their distinctive grid shape, these heaters will produce a warm golden glow. Crucially, Athena heaters are perfect for patios and other fully outdoor spaces.

IP Rated

All Athena heaters are rated IP65. In practical terms, this means they’re entirely protected from dust as well as from light jets of water. Simply put, you can safely install your heater outside permanently, secure in the knowledge that it’s totally safe.

Near Infrared Heat

Nearly all of our infrared heaters make use of Far infrared heat, which is great for general indoor use.

However, when you’re outside you’re really battling the elements, you need a more powerful form of heat. Athena heaters produce Near infrared heat, which feels more intense, helping you keep warm even when the weather is bad and you’ve got no insulation.

Curved Designs

We’ve updated the shape of Athena with a striking, curved design. This doesn’t just look more stylish than other heaters on the market, it also improves the heat distribution. You’ll feel more comfortable and warmer without putting extra strain on the heater.

Premium Aluminium Casing

Athena also features a premium aluminium casing, which protects from bumps and knocks, in addition to adding some extra durability, this further improves the heat dissipation of your heater, maximising its lifespan.

4K QPixel Screen

Like the Zenos, we’ve upgraded the LCD screen on the smart Athena models, making it much easier to tell what your heater is doing and adjust accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have about our new bar heaters, or about IR heating in general. Just give us a call us on 0116 321 4124, email us at sales@suryaheating.co.uk, or check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.