Athena Infrared Bar Heaters

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Built with the outdoors in mind, Athena bar heaters are our premium range of near infrared heaters. Producing a distinctive warm orange glow, they’re perfect for keeping you cosy and warm in a range of weather conditions.

Their IP65 rating means they’re well protected from inclement weather without any shelter needed. This gives you the freedom to install them just about anywhere, letting you create comfortable outdoor spaces that you can use all year round.

Using near infrared means these heaters are a bit more intense compared to other models we have, but when mounted on your wall you can maintain a sufficient distance to ensure you feel comfortable.

Choosing The Right Heater 

With four models to choose from, it might be a little tricky to understand which heater will be right for you. Luckily, we have loads of tools for you to get a quick understanding of what’s available.

Firstly, you can use our online calculator found on every product page to calculate how many watts your space will need. Just plug in your room dimensions (length, width and height) and tell us how insulated the space is, and the number you receive is how many watts needed to keep that space warm.

Since this heater will be most likely used outdoors, we recommend overshooting more than undershooting, because you’ll need to overcompensate for both windchill and the complete lack of insulation. Multiply your required watts by 3 to manage this.

Once you’ve chosen the power level you need, you’ll want to choose whether you want a Wi-Fi or non-Wi-Fi model.

The non-remote options are fantastic for keeping things simple. They’re also the better choice if you already have an electronic thermostat system in place, as they don’t feature an onboard thermostat that can cause conflicts.

Our Wi-Fi models are great if you want to manage your heating directly. Once paired with the Smart Life app, they can be controlled through your phone from anywhere in the world, letting you remotely set timers, schedules and adjust the temperature to your liking. You’ll also get a remote included that offers the same features, so you’re not stuck if your Wi-Fi drops.

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Protecting Your Purchase

All our heaters are covered by a 14-day returns period. You’ll have plenty of time to decide if infrared heating is right for you with no risk.

Longer term, your heater is covered by a 2-year warranty with no extra steps for you to worry about. If you want to take that peace of mind even further, you can extend that warranty for five years at not extra cost by filling out a simple form.