Why should you use Infrared? Find out about the benefits here!

  1. Electric Vs Biomass Boilers: Which Is Greener?

    Biomass boilers qualify for green grants, while electric ones don’t. But are biomass boilers really the secret to green energy? Let’s find out. Continue reading →
  2. 3 Reasons To Use Portable IR Panels

    We give you loads of ways to use your panels, but one of the most popular is portable. Here’s how to turn a panel portable, and why it’s great. Continue reading →
  3. Can Dogs See Infrared?

    Dogs are known for their amazing senses, but can they detect infrared radiation? Continue reading →
  4. Radiant Heating: Fact & Fiction!

    Radiant heat is what sets our IR Panels apart from any other source of heat! Let’s separate the myths from the reality, and see how radiant heat can totally change how you heat your home! Continue reading →
  5. How Long Does An IR Panel Last For?

    When investing in a new heating system, you want to know it’s built to last. How long will a new IR Panel last you in real world terms? Continue reading →
  6. IR Heating Is Good For Your Heart!

    There are loads of amazing health benefits that comes from using infrared heating. We’re unpacking one of those benefits in more detail. Continue reading →
  7. Safer Heating With Electric Boilers

    Swapping to a new method of heating can be a fantastic way to maximise the safety of your property. What makes electric boilers safer than gas ones? Continue reading →
  8. How Much Can You Save With A Heat Pump?

    Could a heat pump be the key to saving money on your bills? Continue reading →
  9. Can Electric Boilers Save You Money?

    Electric costs are on the rise- could an electric boiler ever offer you value for money? We’re taking a look at all the ways that electric boilers can reduce your costs. Continue reading →
  10. 5 Advantages Of Electric Boilers

    Electric boilers are a fantastic way to keep your home toasty warm all year round, with some models being capable of providing you with water too! What benefits can you expect from making the switch? Continue reading →

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