Electric costs are on the rise- could an electric boiler ever offer you value for money? We’re taking a look at all the ways that electric boilers can reduce your costs.

Installation Costs

As a rule of thumb, a gas boiler and an electric boiler will cost roughly the same- averaging out at around £1000. However, when it comes time to actually install your new boiler, an electric boiler will work out a lot cheaper!

This is because electric boilers don’t produce any toxic fumes that need to be expelled outside the bidding. That means they don’t need a flue or other way of processing fumes, making them a lot simpler to install. As a result, installing an electric boiler should cost you around £1750, but installing a gas boiler can be upwards of £2000!

Electricity Costs Vs Gas Costs

It is true that, generally speaking, electric is more expensive than gas or oil- at least in terms of the unit fuel rate. The average unit rate for electricity in the UK (at time of writing) is about £14.40 per kWh.

However, gas costs are on the rise, so it’s never a given that they’ll be affordable. The cost of gas and oil tends to fluctuate massively based on market demands, whereas electricity tends to remain a little more consistent. This makes electricity-based heat a more known factor in your budget.

The crucial difference between a fuel-based boiler and an electric boiler is in how much fuel they consume. On average, a high-quality electric boiler will consume slightly less than half the energy of an equivalent gas or oil boiler- and they boast a 99% efficiency rate. This won’t necessarily make your boiler cheaper to run, but it will help offset the slightly higher electricity costs.

Maintenance Costs

Electric boilers should be serviced every now and again to keep them operating in top condition. However, they have very few moving parts and fewer parts that can fail. That means they tend to need fewer repairs, and can be relied upon to keep functioning with a minimum of fuss.

We’ve already mentioned that electric boilers don’t produce toxic fumes, so there’s no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, nor any explosion hazards. That means maintaining an electric boiler is much less legislated compared to gas boilers.

Here’s some of the costs you can incur over the lifespan of a gas boiler.

  • Annual Servicing
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Gas Certification
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Long Term repair costs.

Green Potential

It’s a mistake to assume that an electric boiler is inherently eco-friendlier compared to gas boilers- however, electric boilers have the potential to be completely green, whereas gas boilers never can be.

The UK is pivoting towards renewable sources of energy, making for consistently cheaper electricity.

Combine your boiler with a renewable energy tariff, or a domestic source of energy like a solar panel, and you’ll have self-sufficient heat at a much lower cost.


On a day-to-day basis, a gas or oil boiler does work out as cheaper. However, when you look at the big picture, an electric boiler is an amazing investment that is brilliant value for money, which will ensure your home is futureproof for years to come.

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