There are loads of amazing health benefits that comes from using infrared heating. We’re unpacking one of those benefits in more detail.

How It Works

Infrared heating is far more penetrative than convection heating. Whereas convection heating will only heat your skin (which is why you’ll get dry skin when sitting next to a radiator), infrared heating gets to your core, heating your molecules directly. It can reach up to three inches into your skin, helping you feel lovely and warm!

In addition to making for a more efficient method of heating, this actually leads to a few health benefits!

Improved Circulation

When your arteries and veins are warm, they dilate. This means they open up a bit, which massively improves the amount of blood flow throughout your body. Think of it like opening up an extra lane on a motorway, there’s just more space for your body to work with.

Blood is like the postal service of your body, delivering everything it needs to your organs as quick as it can. By making this process more efficient, you benefit from loads of amazing perks.

Exercise Recovery

One key perk is how quickly you can recover after exercise. Infrared heat can actually improve how the body heals, as it causes your cells mitochondria to work more quickly. This rapidly triggers they growth and repair of new and old cells.

If you make regular use of infrared heating, you may also see minor cuts and scrapes healing far more quickly. This is again due to that improved circulation, all the parts your body needs to heal you up gets delivered to your cuts much quicker.

If you love to exercise, factoring an IR panel into your cooldown routine can help soothe your aches and pains, helping you exercise more in the future! That’s why these panels are so popular in yoga studios and similar places- it makes hot yoga a much more accessible routine!

Healthy Heart

So how does all this help your heart? Studies suggest that exposure to infrared radiation increases the production of nitric oxide. This is like a signal to your body, it lets your arteries know they can relax and prevents blood from clotting and clumping up. It also helps regulate blood pressure!

Oxygenated blood is efficient blood, and with all these benefits in mind, your heart has to put in a lot less work. This improves its health in the long term, and helps keep you and your body fit and healthy!

Your body is all connected! Improving your health in one area leads to loads of other perks, such as a boosted immune system, reduced pain and healthier skin.

Is It Safe?

Remember: despite the fact that it uses the term ‘radiation’, infrared heating is totally safe. It’s the same exact energy you experience when you step out into the sunshine, minus any actually harmful UV Rays.

This makes IR panels a particularly good option for improving your health in winter months, where you’re less likely to experience natural infrared radiation.

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