We give you loads of ways to use your panels, but one of the most popular is portable. Here’s how to turn a panel portable, and why it’s great.

Out of the box, your panel comes with everything you need to mount in on the wall. If you want a portable heater, make sure to grab a panel stand to go with your heater purchase. For panels over 700W, we recommend ordering two pairs to improve stability.

Note: our glass and mirror panels are not compatible with our panel stands.

Heat The Person, Not The Home

One of the key tips to save money in light of rising energy bills is to focus on heating the person as opposed to your home. Simply put, it’s a lot cheaper to keep you warm without warming your entire home.

This is an area that infrared really shines. Infrared heaters send out waves of infrared energy. These waves get absorbed by the things they hit, which warms them up. This is the same process you feel when you step into the sun. But infrared can only heat what it can see, so being able to move your panel around ties into this.

If you use a portable panel, it’s much easier to keep it close to you, and move it around the room with you. That keeps it heating you instead of wasting energy warming the parts of the room you’re not using.

Take Your Panel To New Places

Crucially, a portable panel is far more flexible than a wall or ceiling mounted panel. The most obvious use for this is to take it with you from room to room, or move it across your room, just like an ordinary space heater.

For example, you can keep your panel by your work desk in the morning, then move it to your living room sofa in the evening.

However, it’s not just on a day-to-day basis. You can also more easily take your panel to a new house when you move. This is possible with a mounted panel, but those need to be taken off the wall, whereas a portable panel is easy to pack up quickly.

IR Panels can last for up to 30 years, so it’s comforting to know they can come with you wherever you go.

Landlord Friendly, With Zero DIY

If you live in a rented home, then the upgrades you can make to it are severely limited. More extensive heating systems are decided by your landlord, not you.

Even our mounted panels aren’t ideal for rental properties, because they require you to drill into your walls, which some landlords won’t approve of.

Portable panels require no changes to the house, they’re just like an ordinary space heater.

If you’re ready to get started, then check out our compatible panels, including the classic panels, the NXT gen range, the Nexus range or even our image panels.

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