Electric boilers are a fantastic way to keep your home toasty warm all year round, with some models being capable of providing you with water too! What benefits can you expect from making the switch?

Silent Running

Electric boilers don’t rely on moving elements or other parts that can make noise. That means that you won’t know your boiler is running! You can happily enjoy a silent home with no aggravating background humming keeping you awake.

Space Saving

Electric boilers take up an absolutely miniscule amount of space compared to combustion boilers and other alternative heating methods. This makes them easy to install in very tight spaces, and in homes where extra room is at a premium.

Since they don’t require any fuel, they also don’t require a flue or a chimney, saving you even more space! This focus on keeping things compact is ideal for more efficient modern homes. Our more advanced models such as the Mirrorstone 12kW Electric Combi Boiler For Domestic Heating & Hot Water are also capable of producing hot water, without taking up additional space.

Save Energy & Money

Since they don’t use a combustion method of heating, electric boilers are a lot more efficient. That’s because there’s no middle steps where they can lose energy, they just directly convert electric energy into thermal energy.

This also means that it’s much easier for you to maintain a constant temperature, with minimal risk of fluxes.

All this combines to ensure that electric boilers boast a near 100% efficiency rate. This helps you heat your home in a much more efficient way, meaning you need less power to produce plenty of heat.

Electricity costs are rising, but so are natural gas costs. By using an electric boiler, you can actually future proof your home with renewable sources of energy in mind, which in the long term will protect you from increasing energy costs.

That already mentioned efficiency means domestic solar panel arrays, for example, are incredibly viable! This actually helps keep your home really eco-friendly!

Improved Safety

Electric boilers don’t relay on gas or combustion methods of generating heat. This improves safety in two key ways.

Firstly, it minimises the risk of gas leaks into your home. That means you won’t have to stress as much about potential carbon monoxide poisoning and other dangerous side effects.

Secondly, combustion is inherently a more dangerous method of heating, because it involves burning fuel for power on site!

Reduced Maintenance

We’ve already mentioned that electric boilers don’t have moving parts like gas boilers do, and how this keeps things as quiet as possible. But did you also know that this makes them really easy to maintain?

We’d recommend a service to be carried out once a year by a qualified professional, which will flag up any potential issues and let you keep things running smoothly.

That’s also why electric boilers can boast lifespans of up to 25 years!

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