Infrared panels offer a never-before-seen flexibility that other heaters can’t hope to match. Here’s out quick guide to the various options.

There are three ways that you can install a ceiling panel.

1)     Wall Mounting

This is the option every single one of our panels comes with right out of the box, so it’s the default for most of our customers. All you need to provide is a drill.

The process of wall mounting your panel is just like hanging a painting or piece of wall art. We even provide a stencil in the box so you know exactly where to drill.

All you have to do is drill through the holes on the stencil, and insert the wall plugs into the holes. Then you insert the screws into those wall plugs. Rest the panel into the screws using the two rear mounting brackets. Then all that’s left is to plug your panel in!

The following options are optional accessories, so make sure to add them to your cart before placing your order.

2)     Ceiling Mounting

Ceiling suspension is a bit trickier than wall mounting, with a few more things to consider. Our largest 1200W panels cannot be ceiling mounted, and neither can our glass or mirror panels, as these are too heavy.

The Suspension kit is one option for ceiling mounting. This method uses wires to securely dangle your panel from the ceiling. The Ceiling Hanging Kit is more rigid and will hold the panel close to the ceiling. It can work with panels up to our 900W models.

Ceiling mounting ensures that your panel has the widest possible ‘view’ of the room, ensuring it can spread its infrared waves with maximum efficiency. Placing a panel over a home office desk is an incredibly popular option for saving money on home heating.

Depending on the height of your ceiling, you may find you’ll need to hardwire the panel into your mains electricity for it to function, as the included cable may not reach your plug sockets. If this is the case, we highly recommend hiring a professional electrician.

3)     Portable Floor Stands

If you want a panel that can move around with you throughout your home or room, then the Infrared Heating Panel Stand is a great choice. These simple feet affix to the bottom of your panel and ensure it can be used freestanding, just like a traditional space heater.

This is a particularly popular option with renters, whose landlords may not want them to drill into the walls or make permanent changes to their homes. It’s also great for home workers who want a panel that can be used in their home office by day but their living room by night, or anyone who needs even more flexibility on a day-to-day basis.

Note that these stands are designed for use with horizontal panels. If you turn the panel vertically, it may become too top heavy, which can cause the panel to wobble.

One pair of stands can be used with panels up to 700w in size. For larger panels we recommend ordering two pairs to improve stability.

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