The Many Advantages Of IR Heating

Once you’ve purchased your first Infrared Heating Panel from Surya Heating, you’ll never look back. This revolutionary form of heating, in comparison with traditional modes, has an incredible number of advantages. Here are just a few of the main ones:

1. Energy Efficient And Money-Saving

Compared to more traditional types of heater, the Infrared Heating Panel consumes just a fraction of the electrical power. Electrical energy-consumption is measured in kW/h (Kilowatts per hour), and a regular electric fire will consume 2.0 kW/h. Fan heaters consume a similar amount of energy, while a standard convector and oil-filled heater will require slightly less at between 1.0 and 1.5 kW/h.

In comparison, Infrared heating panels averagely consume between 0.29 and 0.8 kW/h of electricity depending upon the size of the panel, with smaller panels such as the 595 x 595mm (350W) variety occupying the lower, and 995 x 1195mm (1200W) the upper end of the scale.

Therefore, you’ll begin to appreciate the savings you can make when you switch to Infrared as your primary heat source; often as much as 40 to 50%.

You stand to save even more on your electricity bill when you purchase an Electronic, Plug-in Thermostat along with your IR heating panel. Incredibly simple to use, you’ll just plug your heater into the thermostat, set the required temperature and it will switch your IR panel on and off according to the room’s ambient temperature.

2. Zero Maintenance Costs

Infrared panels contain no moving component parts, so there’s really very little that can go wrong with them. The simplicity of their design and their unique plug-and-play functionality means that they’ll require virtually no maintenance during the course of their lifetime and therefore you’ll incur no associated costs. By contrast, traditional heating systems must be regularly serviced and professionally maintained in order to ensure they function correctly.

Because IR heaters work in a totally different way to traditional convector heaters, by heating objects and not the air around them, a great deal less heat is lost from a room due to poor or substandard insulation. This means that they’ll need to be switched on for less time than their traditional counterparts, saving you money in yet another way.

3. Various Health Benefits

Unlike traditional convector heaters, Infrared heaters are enormously beneficial in terms of health. Infrared heaters work by exciting the molecules in objects and in our bodies, causing them to generate heat. This also stimulates the circulatory system and produces a feeling of pleasant, deep warmth, unlike convection which warms only the surface of the skin.

While this may sound quite radical to the uninitiated, it’s actually an incredibly natural and healthy process, being a very close approximation of the way the Sun produces its heat.

Furthermore, Infrared heating is beneficial for people with health conditions like asthma and bronchitis. The unique way it produces heat doesn’t create air currents which would normally rise and circulate dust around a room.

IR heaters also prevent the development of moulds and fungi, the spores of which can be particularly harmful to those with respiratory problems.

Motionless, dust free air is also a lot more pleasant for contact lens-wearers and, for those suffering from rheumatism the homogenous humidity may reduce their pain. Humidity-stable, dust-free air, in combination with the fact that these heaters run completely silently, will provide a generally improved living and working environment.

4. Space-Saving And Discreet

Infrared heating panels can be installed either on a wall or on a ceiling, the 360W 600 x 600mm Frameless Premium variety being able to simply drop into a suspended ceiling. These innovations mean that you’ll save a considerable amount of lower wall space when you do install one; space that would previously have been occupied by a bulky convector heater.

Suspension Kits and Mounting Panels are also available, and will enable you to achieve a safe and professional IR panel installation.

Thus, by replacing your existing heaters with IR models, you’ll effectively liberate all the formerly “dead” space in your home or office space, freeing it up either for an actual piece of furniture, or simply to make your room more spacious.

Extremely versatile, IR heating panels can also be free-standing, allowing you to adapt your heating according to your changing needs. Affix a pair of Panel Stands to whichever edge you wish and simply move your panel from room to room. Available in a choice of white, black and brushed chrome, you’ll be able to co-ordinate them with your décor.

Another aesthetic benefit of Infrared heating panels is that they’re wonderfully discreet. Hide them in plain sight by carefully choosing their location, or by purchasing one from our wide range of Image IR Panels.

Should you fail to find an image you’d like amongst the wide selection, you’ll be free to have your own custom-printed directly onto a panel of your choice. Then you’ll have an amazing heater that doubles as a family photo or even a classic artwork.

Simply send an e-mail to, attaching your image and you’ll receive your amazing, custom-printed IR panel heater in 7 to 10 days’ time – the fastest service in the whole of the UK.

So confident is Surya Heating in its products that each comes complete with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, and customers are invited to give their purchases a 14-day returns period.

Should you wish to find out more about this great form of heating, please feel free to contact a member of our customer service team on 0116 321 4124.

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