Home automation is sweeping the nation. We’ve put together this list of people for whom smart heating is an absolute must-have!

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1)     You’re A Worrier

Did you leave the heating on before you left the house today? Are you the sort of person who has to check their door is locked three times before you leave? Do you wake up in bed suddenly and panic that you’ve not properly set an alarm?

Then smart heating is the perfect way to smooth over these daily stresses.

Which Feature?

Geofencing and Time Actions

Geofencing will check where you are in relation to your heaters, adjusting their behaviour according to your needs. For example, they can ensure all your heaters are off when you leave the house!

Alternatively, certain triggers can be set up to give you total automated peace of mind. For example, you can ensure your heater will never be on between the hours of 9am and 5pm, or that it will always switch on at exactly 8am, whatever works for your needs and schedule! Automation leads to peace of mind.

2)     You’ve Got Teenagers

Things used to be so much simpler when your kids were younger- the thermostat was a mysterious object that was not to be touched! Now they’ve got no fear, and no idea how much heating costs! They’ll turn the heating up full blast while wandering the house in shorts and a t-shirt.

Smart heating helps you take control of your heating again.

Which Feature?

Phone control and group control.

No matter where you are in the world, you can check your heating from your phone and adjust it accordingly. No more sneakily turning the thermostat up when the parents have left!

If you’re feeling generous, you can parcel out control of your heating system to individual family members via their own phones, using group control. Crucially you can also set up various tiers of permissions, so not everyone will be able to do everything.

3)     You’re Thrifty

The rising cost of energy and heating is getting to us all, so we’re all looking for as many ways as possible to cut costs where we can. Upgrading to smart heating can reduce your bills by as much as 20%!

Which Feature?

Many, but particularly zone control.

IR heaters are great at heating rooms when you’re in them. Zone control means you can set up separate rooms to keep your heaters independent of each other, preventing you from unintentionally heating your entire house!

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