Choosing The Type Of IR Heating Panel That’s Just Right For Your Room

Living Room With A Wall Flower Printed IR Heating Panel

So you’re seriously thinking about buying and installing some up-to-the-minute Surya Infrared Heating solutions in your home. You’ve obviously considered the many advantages of IR heating, checked our online store and decided that you like what you see.

But perhaps you’re wondering whether they’ll fit in with your existing décor, and even if you’d be better off installing them on your ceilings rather than your walls.

Well don’t despair, because here’s a rough guide that’s aimed to give you one or two ideas about the best possible locations for your new infrared panel heaters.

Space-Saving & Discreet

Having already looked at the massive range of Infrared Panel Heaters that Surya has on offer, you’ll know we have a variety of diverse types available. For example, the differences between the white IR panel heaters, Image IR heating panelscustom-printed IR panels and even the mirrored IR heating panels are as great as the number of different potential locations in which you might install them. The similarities are also great, however, in that wherever you decide to place them, you’ll discover that you’re saving a great deal of space by doing so.

Replacing an unsightly and cumbersome, wall-mounted storage heater in your living-area will liberate a great deal of previously “dead” space. Hide your heating in plain sight, perhaps with a discreet Image IR Panel depicting a City Rush or a Washing landscape.

Living Room Open Space With A Wall Forest Printed IR Panel

As you can see, the image on the IR heating panel really succeeds in bringing the outdoors indoors and, other than the warmth emanating from it, you really won’t be able to tell it’s a heater at all.

To give your home a much more personalised touch, you’ll no doubt be aware that we have the ability to print your own design directly onto one of our Custom Printed Infrared Heating Panels. They’re available in wattages ranging from 350W right up to 1200W, so why not have a family photograph or a picture of your favourite album sleeve provide the heat for your room?

Living Room With A Wall Portrait Printed IR Heating Panel

Another great way to hide your IR heater in full view is to disguise it as a full-length mirror. Fortunately, Surya have thought of that too, so just imagine the luxury of getting changed in front of a mirror that’s keeping you warm throughout the process!

Choose The Size That’s Right For Your Space

The size of panel you’ll choose will depend upon the dimensions of your room but generally speaking, the larger the room, the higher the number of watts you’ll need to heat it.

You’ll also discover that the larger the panel length and width-wise, the more powerful it is.

There are 5 main sizes that we offer:

  • 595 x 595mm;
  • 595 x 995mm;
  • 595 x 1195mm;
  • 795 x 1195mm;
  • 995 x 1195mm.

...and these are the main wattages that we have available:

  • 350W;
  • 580W;
  • 700W;
  • 900W;
  • 1200W.

As a rule-of-thumb, to find exactly the right size of IR panel for your space, you’ll first need to calculate the length, width and height of your room to discover its area in cubic metres (m3). You’ll also have to assess its level of insulation.

Rooms in properties with quite good insulation will require 20W of power for each m3, while those with moderately effective insulation will need 25W/ m3. Poorly-insulated properties will need to be heated more rigorously, with 30W/ m3.

Very large spaces may require more IR heating panels, and this will also be the case if the area is unusually shaped.

Completely Out Of The Way

If your walls are already festooned with your favourite family photos, or if you have a number of tall bookcases or display cabinets lining the walls of your room, you might decide to install your new IR panel heater on the ceiling. This really is just as simple as installing one on a wall, as long as you have a ladder, that is.

Ideal for ceiling installation are those from our wide range of white IR panel heaters. Attach them in exactly the same way as you would to a wall, using the two sturdy aluminium brackets that are mounted on their rear side.

They come complete with a full set of fixing screws and a handy template that will enable you to position them in just the right places to achieve a perfect installation every time.

Living Room With A Ceiling White IR Panel Heater

If your ceiling is of the suspended or “drop” variety, you’ll be interested to discover that we have a range of Premium Frameless Infrared Panel Heaters.

Designed to be dropped quickly and easily, straight into your suspended ceiling grid, they’re just a few millimetres smaller than those with frames, the better to incorporate into your existing framework.

Once in place, you’ll simply connect the IR panel to the mains with the standard 3-pin plug and radiant heat will permeate your room within minutes.

Infrared heat is a completely natural and safe method of heating your home, and one which is set to become the go-to form of heating for those wishing to save money on their energy bills, save space in their homes and do their bit towards saving the environment too.

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