Discreet Heating – The 21st Century Trend

We live in a relatively small country on a planet that seems to be shrinking by the day. Space is at a premium and we’re constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to save it.

Indeed, home furnishing companies like IKEA and Habitat have capitalised on the fact that people now want to make their homes as space-efficient as possible, by providing imaginative storage solutions for 21st Century living.

Dead Space - The Problem With Conventional Heaters

Until now, however, there haven’t been a huge number of viable or cost-effective solutions to the question of how to heat one’s home using discreet yet attractive heaters that don’t create what’s known as “dead space”.

Dead space is simply space that’s wasted or taken up by the opening arc of a door, or perhaps a cumbersome and inefficient electric heater that’s protruding bulkily from a wall.

Infrared Panel Heaters Save Space

This is the point at which Surya Heating’s incredible, new Infrared heating panels enter the story, because these incredibly thin heaters can be affixed to either a wall or a ceiling, thereby completely eradicating the age-old problem of dead space.

In fact, it will be solved in a matter of moments, as they can easily be attached to the wall or ceiling, plugged into a standard 240v mains supply and they’re producing heat immediately!

Unattractive Heating Appliances - The Problem With Conventional Heaters

We’ve grown accustomed to putting up with having bulky, unattractive electric heaters in our rooms, with some of the worst offenders being those beige storage heaters that project into your space and take up half a wall, or electric fan heaters that first stir up and then become filled with dust, causing a horrendous burning odour in the process.

The old style of electric heater is also out of touch with our modern-day sensibilities and styles of décor. They simply don’t go with any of our up-to-the-minute fixtures and fittings, but it seemed that we’d be forced to endure them for ever more, because there simply wasn’t anything better around...until IR panel heaters came along, that is.

Infrared Heating Panels Are Stylish And Discreet

Available in a variety of different types and sizes, IR panel heaters will completely revolutionise the look of your room or space. They’re incredibly subtle, and can easily be disguised as something other than a heater.

Several options are available from Surya Heating, with an enormous range of pre-printed IR panels including setting Sun views, city rush scene and thunderstorm on offer.

There are also our Custom IR Panels, onto which you can have your own image printed. Thus, you can send a picture of your own choosing to images@suryaheating.co.uk and within 10 days, your family photograph, favourite football team or band picture will be delivered to your door, ready to heat your room.

Perhaps the most discreet of our range is the Mirrored IR Panel Heater which will make people wonder where all the heat is coming from!

Perfect for any type of application is our range of White IR Panel Heaters. They can be had in four different wattages, from the 350W Classic and the similarly powerful Premium Frameless, right up the 1200W Classic, you’ll definitely be able to find one or a combination to suit the size of your room.

All of our panels are brilliantly simple to install, and can either be affixed directly to a wall or ceiling using the brackets on the back of the panel and the fixing kit that each pack contains.

Another of their benefits is that they’re easy to clean, merely requiring a wipe down with a damp cloth every now and again. Add to this the fact that they’re so simple that they’ll require virtually no maintenance during their lifetime, and you’ll see why so many people are beginning consider installing IR heating panels in their home.

Inconstant Heat - The Problem With Conventional Heaters

Conventional heating systems use convection to produce their heat. This is a process by which air is passed over the heater’s element, is warmed up and is then emitted into a room. Because it’s a traditional method of heating, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best.

Convection creates a very warm area directly in front of the heater, whereas more distant parts of the room can remain quite cool and suffer from cold spots or pockets of cooler air.

Consistency literally goes out of the window, as well as through the ceiling, given the fact that warm air rises. Thus, with a convection heating system, you’ll be heating an upstairs room or your upstairs neighbour’s flat, while you remain uncomfortably chilled. This means that it’s a very inefficient, wasteful way of heating a room, because so much of the heat is simply lost.

Infrared Panel Heaters Produce Consistent Heat

Unlike traditional modes of heating, IR panels produce electromagnetic waves which stimulate the molecules in objects and people, causing the mass itself to generate heat. This is a completely natural and safe method of heat production that’s very similar to the way the Sun heats the Earth every day.

Because objects are heated directly there are many fewer drafts or “infiltration losses” and people feel comfortable, all-over warmth that seems to come from within. Gone as well are the pockets of cold air, to be replaced by a constant, uniformly warm glow.

Health - The Problem With Conventional Heaters

Convection heaters which cause rising air currents with a fluctuating temperature can have negative connotations for people’s health, especially those with respiratory conditions like bronchitis and asthma. They cause any dust that’s present in a room to circulate more freely, being breathed in and clogging sufferers’ airways.

This type of temperature inconstancy promotes condensation, which in turn causes mould to form on furniture and walls, the spores of which are also incredibly detrimental to those with breathing problems.

IR Heating Panels Are Better For You

Because IR panels heat the walls and the furniture directly, they remain bone-dry, so mould never has an opportunity to develop. When you plug in your new IR panel heater, you’ll notice how quickly you’ll warm up and also that your widows no longer have moisture running down them. In fact, you’ll feel warmer and healthier with IR heating.

Energy Costs - The Problem With Conventional Heaters

The simple fact is that the electric heaters we’ve traditionally used in our homes cost such a lot to run that we feel like we’re always “feeding the meter”.

If you look at the table below, you’ll see exactly where the problem lies. The types of heater we’ve relied on for years consume a lot more precious electricity than Infrared panel heaters, so they’re a lot more expensive to run.

Type Of Heater

Power Consumption

Standard Electric Fire

2.00 kW/h

Electric Fan Heater

2.00 kW/h

Convector Heater

1.5 kW/h

Oil-Filled Electric Heater

1.00 – 1.5 kW/h

IR Panel Heater

0.29 – 0.8 kW/h

Infrared Panel Heaters Will Save You Money

As you’ll see, with the smallest 350W Heating Panel at the lower end and the largest 1200W occupying the upper, IR panels nonetheless consume just a fraction of the power of other types of heater. This means they’re not only substantially cheaper to run, they’re also a great deal kinder to the environment, leaving a much-reduced carbon footprint on our planet.

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