A Glossary Of Infrared Heating Terminology

The Infrared Heating Panels we sell contain technology that’s absolutely bang up-to-date. In fact, Surya Heating is so innovative and new that you might not be certain of all the terminology quite yet.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a handy glossary of as many IR heating-related terms as we can think of...

Ambient Temperature

In heating terms, this refers to the temperature of the air that surrounds the heater in question.Unlike conventional heaters, our IR heating panels don’t heat air, they heat objects and people, which is completely safe, much more energy-efficient and actually beneficial to your health. This is because rising warm air currents circulate allergens like dust around a room, while IR heaters do not cause this to occur.

Carbon Footprint

This is the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that’s emitted into the environment/atmosphere by the activities of an individual, company or country. Fortunately, IR heating panels reduce your energy-consumption and are fully recyclable, meaning that they’re extremely eco-friendly.


IR heating panels can be mounted on your ceiling very easily, using the brackets on the rear. They can also be positioned within a suspended or “drop” ceiling.

Convection Heater/Heating

This is a type of heater that works by warming the air around it and circulating it across a heating element, causing it to rise to the ceiling. Whilst this system of heating has been around for many years, it is by no means the most efficient. IR panels transmit heat energy as electromagnetic waves, warming objects and not air.

Far Infrared

This is the region in the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that’s employed by our IR heating panels. It’s a new way to heat your home that’s not only a safe, but also a comfortable mode of heat that causes no stuffiness and retards the growth of mould.

Infiltration Losses

These occur when cold air mixes with warm air and are better known as “drafts”. Infiltration losses are one of the most significant factors affecting energy use and comfort in a building. Fortunately, IR heaters expend most of their energy heating objects, so air currents aren’t as much of a factor as with traditional heaters.

Infrared Bar Heater

A powerful type of IR heater, the Infrared Bar Heater is ideal for home, office or studio.

Infrared Heating Panel – Custom-Printed

With a massive choice of sizes and wattages, and in infinite number of images, the Custom-Printed Infrared Panels will enable you to have your own picture printed, very effectively disguising your heater.

Infrared Heating Panel – Image

Available in a very wide variety of sizes and wattages, you’ll be able to choose an Image IR Panel that’s appropriate to your space, and they come pre-printed with a stunning image of your choice. They’re a great space-saver and are incredibly discreet.

Infrared Heating Panel – Mirrored

Another great way to combine form and function, the Mirrored IR Heating Panel is an actual heater that no-one will ever know is there!

Infrared Heating Panel – White

White IR Heating Panels are available in three varieties. There’s the 360W Classic, the 360W Premium Frameless and the 720W Classic. Three types means there’ll be one or a combination that will suit the size of your room.

Kilowatts Per Hour (kW/h)

The kilowatt hour is commonly used as a billing unit for energy delivered to consumers by electric utility companies. IR heating panels consume a great deal fewer kW/h than any other type of electrical heating system.

Mean Radiant Temperature (MRT)

This is simply the temperature of any mass or body that surrounds or is near a heater. It’s a measurement of the average temperature of the surfaces (ie tables and people) that surround your IR heater, and with which it will exchange thermal radiation.

Panel Dimensions

This refers to the size of your IR heating panel – usually, the larger the panel, the more powerful its heat. Surya Heating has a great many sizes on offer, from the smallest at 600 x 600mm to the largest at 800 x 1200mm, you’ll find a size that’s perfect for your space.


PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate, and it’s the material that a small number of our IR heating panels are made of. A thermoplastic polymer of the polyester family, it has been used for many years to produce clothing as well as in the manufacture of food and drink containers.

Radiant Heaters/Heating

This is the means by which IR panels heat objects and people, not the intervening air. It is a much more comfortable type of heat that’s both safe and healthy for humans. It doesn’t cause cold spots to occur, heating all parts of the room both equally and evenly.

Standard Mains Voltage

In the UK, this is 240v and is the voltage upon which IR heating panels run. All are equipped with a standard UK 3-pin plug, and simply connecting them to the mains will cause them to generate heat.

Surface Temperature

In regard to infrared heating panels, this refers to the temperature that’s reached on the surface of the heater itself. Surya heating panels reach about 70°C so, although they’re hot to the touch, they won’t burn you.

Suspended Ceiling

Often known as a “drop” or “recessed” ceiling, this type of ceiling is hung beneath the actual, enabling LED panel lights and IR heating panels to be simply popped into place to provide energy-efficient lighting and heat respectively.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

This refers to the actual amount an IR heating panel will cost over the course of its entire lifetime. It takes into account both the initial investment in the panel as well as the cost to power it, maintain it and, in some cases, the cost of its disposal. Fortunately, infrared panel heaters are a lot more cost-effective over their lifetime than conventional heaters – extremely simple in their design and manufacture, they will last a very long time as is reflected in the Surya 5-year warranty period.


Surya IR Heating Panelsaren’t supplied as standard with an electronicthermostat, however, they are available and will ensure you achieve the very best energy-consumption possible from your IR panel.


All of Surya Heating’s IR panels come complete with bracketsthat areready-attached to the back end, making them extremely simple to affix to your wall. To ensure a successful installation, a template is also supplied, giving you the exact location of the fixing bolts.

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