Installation And Maintenance Of Infrared Heating Panels

Surya IR Heating’s innovative IR (Infrared) Panels are really taking the world by storm right now. More and more people are beginning to realise that Infrared panels represent the future of electric heating for their homes as well as for commercial properties such as offices and retail outlets.

The technology might be new and the concept of fully embracing it a little daunting to some, however once people become aware of its considerable advantages over other forms of heating, switching over to IR heating becomes the obvious thing to do.

Simplicity Itself

The Surya Infrared Heating Panel really is simplicity itself, both in its form and in its function. When you get one home or it arrives in the mail, you’ll take it out of its box, plug it in and you’ll have safe, radiant IR heat within about two minutes.

First Things First

But we may be getting ahead of ourselves somewhat, so here’s a quick rundown of exactly what you’ll discover when you open up your pack.

Obviously, you’ll find an Infrared heater in there. This comprises a few, simple components, however the panel itself is manufactured using a material called Aluminium. As you may be aware, it is used in millions of drinks cans around the world, as well as a wide range of kitchenware.

This is basically the heating “element” of the operation; the part that once connected to an electricity supply will heat the objects in the room, rather than the air that’s directly in front of it.

Essentially, this basic departure from the traditional convection method to the Infrared way of heating a room is the feature that sets IR heating apart from virtually every other form of electric heating system. It makes IR heating a much more energy-efficient, healthy and eco-friendly form of heating that seems at odds with the fact that the product itself is so uncomplicated.

To Frame Or Not To Frame?

Depending upon which of our IR panel heaters you’ve chosen, you’ll find that it either has a sturdy aluminium frame/surround or not. Our Classic range of White IR Panels does boast the surround, whereas the Premium Frameless selection obviously doesn’t.

Where in your room you decide to install your IR heating panel will largely dictate whether or not you opt for the frame. IR heating panels can be installed on a wall and as part of a suspended or “drop” ceiling grid, so it’s an important decision you’ll need to make prior to ordering yours.

Most usually installed on the walls, but also capable of ceiling installation are both the Image IR Heating Panels and Surya’s incredible Custom-Printed IR Panels. The former are available in many different designs, from a gorgeous depiction of a sunset to a wonderful image like sand dunes.

To order one of the Custom-Printed IR Panel Heaters is incredibly easy, because all you’ll have to do is e-mail your name and order number to, together with your chosen image and we’ll do the rest.

Thus, in around ten days’ time, you can expect your chosen panel to arrive at your home, resplendent with a family photo or a picture of your favourite football team printed on it!

Although all IR panels are unobtrusive, perhaps the most unbelievably discreet of the Surya IR heating range is the Mirrored IR Panel. It is literally a mirror, only with the added bonus of being able to heat your room!

Finding The Perfect Location To Install Your Panel

To affix your IR heating panel to a wall, or indeed onto a solid ceiling, you’ll use the two robust aluminium brackets on its rear side and the steel screws that are provided.

To make your installation as simple and seamless as possible, you’ll use the template to affix your panel in the perfect position to ensure you’re heating your room as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

Other considerations when you’re positioning your IR heating panel include not placing it where it’s likely to be obstructed by furniture and also sufficiently high on a wall where it won’t represent a burn-threat to small children.

Whilst our IR panel heater don’t ever become scaldingly hot to the touch, the surface heat they do produce can reach between 75 and 95°C, so safety first!

The Premium Frameless IR panels are made from aluminium and they’re designed to slot directly into your suspended grid ceiling. To facilitate this, they’re ever so slightly smaller, the 5mm making all the difference to the snugly perfect fit.

Pure Plug-And-Play Functionality & Zero Maintenance Costs

Wherever you intend to install your IR heating panel and whatever type you choose, you’ll be delighted to discover that they all come complete with two metres of power cable and a standard 3-pin mains connection, making them true plug-and-play devices.

Its wonderfully simple anatomy, construction and installation mean that there’s very little that can go wrong with an IR heating panel over the course of its long life. Thus, you won’t just save space and reduce your energy bill, you’ll incur no maintenance costs either.

This is a considerable advantage that Infrared heating has over gas and even conventional central heating, both of which can be very expensive to install and maintain.

The boilers alone can set you back between £1000 and £2500 and the extensive plumbing work required to install a traditional gas central heating system is also incredibly expensive as well as time-consuming, messy and disruptive.

Unlike Infrared panel heaters, a gas heating system will then require regular maintenance checks, as well as the annual cost of getting your boiler serviced, which can cost anything up to £150 a time.

All the maintenance you’ll ever need to carry out throughout your IR heating panel’s lifetime is to wipe its surface down with a duster or a damp cloth to keep it clean!

Gas boilers are supposed to last around 15 years, which isn’t that long considering the cost to buy and replace one. In reality, once they reach around 10 years of age, it becomes increasingly difficult to acquire the necessary spare parts for them, as the manufacturers stop making them in favour of newer models.

In comparison, Infrared panel heaters require no spare parts and their expected lifespan is in the region of 100,000 hours or 30-years, so you do the maths!

Add to this the fact that with both gas and conventional electric central heating systems, there’s an awful lot of water being transported in pipes around inside the walls of your home, so if anything goes wrong it can be a disaster!

IR panel heaters have no dealings whatsoever with water, so you’ll never again have to endure the agonies of frozen or burst water pipes in the winter.

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