Infrared Heating Panel Product Guide

Upon browsing our vast range of infrared heating panels, you might be a bit stumped when it comes to picking a panel out – how much does power and size make a difference? Where’s the best place to install my heater? Do I need a design on it?

We’re going to answer those questions amongst others in this product guide, so you know exactly what you’re ordering for your home.

Size Range

Surya IR Heating has a variety of sizes available to purchase, depending on how big your room is. The general trend is that the larger the panel, the more heat you’ll get from it, though wattage will always be a more accurate measure.

There are 5 main sizes that we offer:

  • 595 x 595mm;
  • 595 x 995mm;
  • 595 x 1195mm;
  • 795 x 1195mm;
  • 995 x 1195mm.
Infrared Heating Panel Sizes

One of the advantages of the 595 x 595mm and 595 x 1195mm sized heaters, is that they can be used in a suspended grid ceiling – allowing them to blend seamlessly with the rest of the ceiling panels.

This is because the standard size for such heating panels is 595 x 595mm.



Power Range

The power, measured in Watts, is what you should be looking at when considering how much heat you want from your infrared panel.

As you would expect, the higher the wattage, the more heat your panel will emit. The choice of wattages available gives you freedom to vary how you set up your panels – do you want a single high power heater or 2-3 smaller panels?

The main wattages we have available are as follows:

  • 350W;
  • 580W;
  • 700W;
  • 900W;
  • 1200W.

So for example, a medium sized room could be heated by 2 separate 350W panels, or a single 700W panel depending on your room layout and size.

Generally, they use far less power than that of standard electric convection heaters, so they will end up saving you money in the longer term.

So how much power do you need for your room? You’ll need to work out the volume in m3 – you can calculate this by multiplying the length by the width, and then by the height.

Next, you’ll need to know how well insulated your house is. Poorly insulated homes will need approximately 30W per m3, moderately insulated homes will need about 25W per m3, and well insulated homes will need around 20W per m3.

Once you know the total wattage needed to heat your room, you can start to think about which panels you need, and how many.

The Locations You Can Use IR Panel Heaters In

Part of the reason why IR panels are so good is the sheer amount of freedom they afford you with regards to where you place them.

Normal convection heaters like radiators are limited by piping, and by how they work too – because heat rises they have to be placed low down, a few inches above the floor.

IR heaters don’t suffer from this problem as they heat objects rather than the air itself. They also plug straight in via a 3-pin plug. These 2 features combined means that you can place your IR heater pretty much anywhere you want.

The advantage here is that your floor space is instantly free by placing your heaters higher up the wall – you won’t have to worry about your sofa or bed blocking the heat.

As mentioned before, the 595 x 595mm and 595 x 1195mm sized panels can be used in suspended grid ceilings too, which frees up your entire wall space too. This is made easy as our panels come with all the screws and brackets necessary for wall mounting.

You can also stand your panel up using our panel stand, sold separately. This is good if you want to keep your panel relatively portable, and want the freedom of being able to move it around.

IR Heating Panel Designs

Another liberty that our infrared heating panels grant you are that you can have them plain white, or with an image on them so that they add to your decor.

There are 4 types of panel to choose from:

  • White;
  • Image;
  • Custom Image;
  • Mirror.

White IR heating panels are great for using on a suspended grid ceiling in an office or a classroom for example, as it makes your panel almost indistinguishable from the surrounding ceiling.

Our range of image IR panel heaters allows you to enjoy some stunning imagery in your living room whilst staying warm – effectively doubling up as a framed photo. It still blends in with your interior decor, as you can see in the image below.

Kiss Picture Infrared Heating Panel

Our range of custom image IR panels go one step further than this, and let you use your own pictures on your heater! Got some holiday snaps, or maybe a professional family photo? You can have it printed on a panel heater, and place it on your wall in your bedroom!

Finally, our mirror finish heating panels can double up as a wall mirror, which is great for a living room or a hallway. As with all our other panels, they blend in so much that you don’t realise they’re there.

With so many sizes, wattages, designs and choices of where to use them, our IR heating panels really are flexible enough to cater for everyone. Throw in a healthier, more economical heat compared to other electric convection heaters, and it becomes clear to see that IR heating is the future.

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