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Mirrorstone Heating Ltd. are an industry leading manufacturer of revolutionary Infrared Panels. Since its formation in 2010, Mirrorstone have ventured into heating, and have built a highly impressive range of panels that are suitable for any room in any home. Not only that, but their commitment to helping you save money off your bills ensures that you know you’re getting the best prices.

All Mirrorstone panels are manufactured in accordance with EU regulations, and undergo extensive testing to ensure that they uphold the highest standards in excellence and safety.

It is for this reason that they offer an unbeatable 5 year warranty on all panels, such is their confidence in the lasting quality of their heaters.

The Mirrorstone group has plenty of experience in the market for energy saving home appliances, having spent many years manufacturing retrofit LED light bulbs, making the venture into energy efficient heating a natural move.

200+ Unique Products
1000s Customers Served
6+ Years Of Expertise

This in itself sets them apart from others in the industry – as they already have an in-depth knowledge of what the modern consumer needs and demands from a product designed for the 21st century.

Furthermore, their incredible foresight has enabled them to stay ahead of the competition – spotting emerging technologies before they hit mass market. What this means for you, the consumer, is that you can rely on a manufacturer who has an exhaustive knowledge base of the product, how it benefits you, and what makes a good panel from an average one.

The range started off with Plain White IR Panels that offer a clean finish whilst saving you up to 60% off the cost of your heating bills. These come in 180W, 350W, 580W, 700W, 900W and 1200W variants.

With all that empty space on the panel, it made sense to make use of it, which is why the range expanded into our Image IR Panels – which feature a huge selection of stunning photos from around the world for you to purchase. These are manufactured in all the wattages the plain white panels are, but with the exception of 180W.

The next logical step for Mirrorstone was to go one further, and allow consumers to send in their own photos and images to have printed onto Custom IR Panels. On top of adding a personal touch, this also highlights one of the key differentiating features of infrared panels – their ability to blend in and go unnoticed. Like with the standard image panels, these are made in all wattages except the 180W.

The variety of panels was finished off when Mirrorstone started building Mirrored IR Panels – which doubles up the heater into a mirror, which is perfect for bathrooms and hallways. Currently, these panels are available in 360W, 450W, 580W and 700W versions.

One of the best products we supply is this best seller IR panel on Amazon.

With years of experience behind them, and a whole new world of heaters to develop and refine going forward, the Mirrorstone name continues to be a byword for quality, reliability and energy saving. Surya Infrared Heating are incredibly proud to be an approved retailer of Mirrorstone Heating solutions.

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