Surya Infrared Heating - The UK's Premier IR Heating Systems Retailer

As a company, Surya Infrared Heating began in 2015 and, since day one, it has been committed to providing its customers with the highest standard of Infrared heating products available in the world today.

Start At The Right Time

Surya entered the eco-friendly heating market at a time when the technology, or at least the public’s perception of it, was in its infancy, being amongst the very first in the country to fully embrace it.

The company prides itself on its forward-thinking, can-do attitude and also its tenacity for bringing such a new and up-to-the-minute form of technology to the fore, at a time when consumers are only just beginning to discover IR heating and its many benefits.

Despite its relatively short time in existence, the Surya brand has gone from strength-to-strength and has become one of the leading retailers of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly IR heating panels in the UK today.

A Huge Selection Of High Quality IR Heating Products

Its range of high quality IR heating products is ever-expanding, and has now reached well over a 100, encompassing classic White Heating Panels in dimensions of 595 x 595mm (350W) and 595 x 1195mm (700W), with a Frameless Premium Panel that’s been innovatively designed to fit right into any type of suspended ceiling.

Stunning pre-printed Image IR Panels are also available, bringing a whole host of gorgeous designs into your home and effectively enabling you to hide your heating system in plain sight. This frees up the enormous amount of previously “dead space” that was occupied by your former wall heaters.

As is the case with all of Surya’s IR heating panels, image panels like the hugely popular Volcano picture and Washing Landscape are incredibly energy-efficient, and will reduce your electricity consumption and expenditure by up to 70% in comparison with other modes of  heating.

Infrared heaters won’t harm the environment and they’re perfectly safe to use, producing zero CO2 emissions and emitting the same type of heat as the Sun.

The piece de resistance of the Surya range are the Custom Printed IR Panels which enable customers to choose their own image and have it printed on a panel of their choice.

All that’s necessary is to e-mail the picture itself to, along with a few other details, and you’ll have your custom printed IR heating panel in your hands within 7 to 10 days; both quicker and more reliable than that of any other UK company.

Unbeatable 5 Year Warranty And 14 Days Home Trial

The company has such confidence in its maintenance-free IR heating panels that each comes complete with a 5-year warranty, and customers are given a 14 day home trial on every product across the board.

All of Surya’s IR heating panels will be shipped completely free-of-charge from its Leicester base to anywhere in the UK, and you’re welcome to contact its team of highly-trained, professional customer service advisors on 0116 321 4124, to place an order or just to chat about anything IR heating-related.

You can also send an e-mail enquiry to, like the Surya Infrared Heating Facebook page and follow the company on Twitter.

Amit Soni, the director of Surya Infrared Heating says:

Infrared technology is the way to go for cost-effective and ecologically sound heating. It represents the future of the heating industry and Surya Infrared Heating will continue to be at the forefront of that industry, providing exciting new products for an exciting new age.”