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  • Natural IR Heat

    Natural IR Heat

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    Low Maintenance

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    DIY Installation

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    Easy Use

  • No Heat Wastage

    No Heat Wastage

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Product Description

Please note that the white version of this product will be backordered until 31st May 2022. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Trust In Genuine Mirrorstone Products

When purchasing any product from Surya Heating, you can rest assured that you’re buying authentic Mirrorstone products, that have been stringently tested to meet quality standards.

This is why you should be wary of purchasing lower quality products, which might put you or your home at risk.

Mirrrorstone Infrared Bar Heaters vs. Non-genuine Bar Heaters

If your space is crying out for some extra heat, whether it’s a warehouse, living room, garden or office, then a Mirrorstone infrared bar heater is an excellent place to start. They are far more efficient, better for the environment, and more attractive than many conventional heaters.

This infrared bar heater measures approximately 1200mm by 150mm, and thanks to its 1800w power output, can heat an area that’s roughly 28m2! With a depth of 63mm, you can rest assured that whether mounted on wall or ceiling, this bar heater will not stick out too much. There are 2 finishes available that you can choose from: Black or White.

The heater is made from premium aluminium materials, so you know that it will not suddenly break. It can reach a surface temperature of around 200-300˚C, which is hotter than a traditional heater. However, this will not be a problem, thanks to the versatility of the heater. It can be installed higher up on your wall than a traditional heater, and even on the ceiling! This means it’ll be well out of reach of any inquisitive fingers.

It has an IP44 rating, so it is protected against any accidental splashes of water.  However, if it is installed outside, we would suggest it is under cover, in case of heavy rain.

Please note that the advised heated areas are for guidance only. For a more accurate heated area that is more relevant to your home, please either use our Calculator located at the top of this page, or speak to one of our Customer Services advisors about your room.

What Exactly is Infrared Heating?

Infrared heating is a new way of heating your home that is more efficient than older techniques. It is also kinder to the environment, and looks far better than other heating methods. It heats your room by firing infrared beams around the surroundings, which bounce off of objects, leaving them warmed. This is more efficient than a traditional heater, which heat the air around them. That’s because the surface area of the objects is less than the volume of air. Infrared heating can actually save you around 60% on your heating bills!

Conventional radiators work by warming the air around them, which rises, cools, and falls again, creating a convectional current. This is less efficient, as it obviously needs heating again, but it can also negatively affect your health. That’s because it promotes dust circulation, mould growth and cold spots. Because an infrared heater doesn’t do this, it can be seen as better for your health.

Infrared heating is completely safe – although it is radiation, it is completely harmless. It’s the same technology that TV remotes use, and that both our bodies and the sun emit. However, unlike the sun, there’s no harmful UV radiation.

Smart Life QR Code

Wi-Fi Enabled For Smart Control From Your Phone

Our 1800w Helios Infrared Bar Heater comes with Wi-Fi connectivity built in out of the box. What does this mean for you? Simple: all you need to do is download the Smart Life app on your Android or iOS device, connect the app to the bar heater using the instructions in the manual in the box (or by downloading the manual directly from us), and that's it! You can take advantage of features such as the hourly timer function, zone control and family sharing! It really is that easy to take your heating into the 21st century!

Simply scan the QR code on the left to download the Smart Life app, and you'll be a step closer to enjoying smart heating!

The Informative Screen

Surya Infrared Bar Heater

If you’re searching for some information on how exactly the infrared bar heater is working right now, then there’s the super-helpful LED screen.

It is located on the right hand side of the panel, and, when off, looks super subtle against the black surface, although it looks great on the white heater, too.

With the screen on, you’ll be able to see what your target temperature is with a quick glance, so you know exactly what the heater is trying to reach.

Above the target temperature, you’ll see a snazzy blue graphic, which flickers and waves to let you know that the heater is actually emitting heat. It also helps when you’re setting the sleep timer.

Remote Control

Surya Infrared Bar Heater Remote Control

If you’re not a fan of walking over to your heater to turn it on or off, then you’re definitely in luck.

This heater is fully remote controllable, with the IR signal remote control already supplied in the box.

It makes the heater even more versatile than it already is. It has a clean layout, it’s slim, and it makes your life easier.

You can change the temperature of the heater with ease, whether you’re after an extra injection of heat, or if you need to chill out for a little while.

You can switch the display on and off, if you’re after a more subtle heater. You can also set a sleep timer for the heater, if you wish for it to stay on for a specific number of hours.

Quick, Easy Install

Surya Infrared Bar Heater Brackets

Don’t worry, these actually are quick and easy to install. There’s no complicated plumbing or electric work to be done – in fact, there’s none at all! That’s right; you won’t need to call any professional help up, as these heaters are just a one-person job that can be done completely by yourself.

They are fully plug and play compatible, with just a simple case of mounting the panel and plugging it in.

It’s easy to do, and completely straightforward. All you need to do is make some holes in the wall, before screwing the two rear-mounted brackets into the wall.

The brackets are also adjustable, so you can direct the heat at specific angles. It only takes a few minutes, and then away you go!

Please be aware that if the units are not cleaned regularly, a build-up of dust may appear. Find out more about how to maintain your heaters here!

Warranty Info

Supplied with our Mirrorstone infrared bar heaters is a fantastic 14-day home trial period, so you can either return or exchange it, in case you change your mind.

Mirrorstone also provide these with an outstanding 2-year warranty, so you may shop with confidence. This can be upgraded to 5 years completely free of charge.

Contact Information

If you require any extra information about this, or any of our other infrared heaters, then don’t be afraid to get in touch. Call us on 0116 321 4124, email us at sales@suryaheating.co.uk, or take a look at our Facebook and Twitter.

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This also comes without any underlying credit agreements or APRs.

To be eligible for Klarna payments, you must be a UK resident, aged 18 or over. Klarna may perform a soft check which will not affect your credit score.

Delivery & Returns

All panels come with free delivery within 2-3 days, and next day delivery is available for £5.99.
You can return your panel if you are not happy with it within 14 days of receiving it.

Installation Guide

To install your bar heaters, slide the brackets with the threading into the slots in the back of the bar heater, and fix them into place using the wing nuts provided. Then, screw the non-threaded brackets into the wall where you wish to mount your heater. Using the wing nuts provided, fix the two sets of brackets together at the angle you wish to have your bar heater pointing.

Free standing patio heaters can simply be placed on flat ground (or table for table-top patio heaters) and switched on when needed.

Hanging patio heaters can be suspended easily using the durable steel chain, allowing you to suspend it at any height up to 0.6m.


You can save up to 60% off your energy bills compared to other types of electric heating. Not only that, but infrared panels also require zero maintenance as they have no moving parts. They’re also IP rated, making them safe to use in bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoor areas like your patio.

Specs Table
More Information
Wattage 1800w
Wi-Fi Yes
Available Finishes Black, White
Manufacturer Mirrorstone
Surface Material Aluminium
Surface Temperature 200-300°C
Dimensions (mm) 1200mm x 150mm x 63mm
Recommended Fixing Wall/Ceiling
Frame Colour None
IP Rating IP44 - Protected against splashes of water
Voltage 230V
Warranty 2 Years Upgradable to 5 Years
Panel Weight 6kg
Product Features Wi-Fi connectivity to the Smart Life app
Heating Element Aluminium
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, The manual suggests that the remote control can allow to choose between a high/low heat mode. Could you please explain? Thank you


Is there a fixed distance between the mounting points for these heaters or can it be adjusted? Also, could you confirm if this heater would be suitable for a 5m x 4m conservatory, thanks


Hi. Looking at one of these for my 3x3x2.5m conservatory. Is there a minimum distance required to be left above the heater / below the plastic/glass of the conservatory roof? Is the plastic frame of the conservatory roof in any danger of melting? I calculate there would be about 20cm between the unit and my roof


This is for an outdoor converted shed (now insulated and cladded inside with new double glazing). The space is approx 4m x 4m and will be an outdoor bar. There is a pitched roof at the highest point is approx 3m. Can I fit it on the ceiling at the top of the pitch pointing directly downwards? Is that suitable/sensible? Looking for answer asap as electrician coming in few days and I need to order!!


Hi, am I right in thinking that if installing on a wall, this should be 1 foot from the ceiling so wouldn't be suitable installing where wall meets ceiling?


Are there multiple heat settings?


At what angle does the heat project - when it’s positioned horizontally (up/down and side to side) Also - can you be burnt when standing too close or if the heater is too powerful for the area size. Intended Use: to heat seating area under a garden pergola (5m2)


Hi, Would this heater be suitable for a wooden gazebo on my patio measuring 5 metres by 3 metres with half height panels to 2 sides and open at the other 2 sides? It will be positioned in the eaves of the gazebo and the roof is covered. Thank you.


Hi Does the 1800w Helios Wi-Fi Remote Controllable Infrared Bar Heater come with brackets supplied?


Hello, what is the maximum distance that these heaters can warm? Would you be able to feel the effects of this heater from 4 to 6m away?


Peut on palaer le chauffage verticalement? Merci pour votre reponse.


what is the pointed part sticking out of the right side? and where (back or side (left or right)) does the cable come out of the unit?


I have a glass room five meters wide two and half meters Depth glass to three sides.will the heater needed to be fitted to the middle of the room as the only space I have is above the door in the corner, would this still heat the room from that position.many thanks


Length of cable being only 1.5 is too short for my needs. Can I replace with longer electric cable or is this sealed unit. Also is there a limit to how long the cable can be.


Interested in a few of your heaters for a shop Can you hang from ceiling on chains


Hi, I’ve used other IR bar heaters & they make a really distracting humming noise- can you tell me the noise level of these heaters?


- are they Lot 20 compliant


Can the heaters be mounted vertically on the corner of a room


When affixed to the wall above head height is the heater flat or is it tilted downwards. Or does this not matter. From where on the rear does the cable emerge? My socket will be to the left of installation. Or can the heater be installed upside down if needed to get left hand cable emergence ? This will go on a conservatory wall, so how far should the glass be from it? Many thanks.


My room calculates to require 1200 watts to heat. Bearing this in mind is it better to have a thermostatic controlled 1800 watt heater that will cut in and out rather than a 1200 watt unit that will need to potentially constantly heat.


With a potential surface temperature of 115C is this not a fire risk? Surely the internal thermostat is going to be affected by the very high temperatures nearby? If the surface temperatures are this high isn't this just acting like a normal convection radiator?


Hi can this remote controllable bar heater be connected to an external thermostat and does it have WiFi?


Hi,would these heaters be any good for the patio?


Is there a minimum height those heaters should be installed? (My ceiling is only 208cm high!).


Hi there. As the 2400W isn't available in black I'm wondering if I can use this bar to heat up a room of approx 36m2? Thanks, Thomas


If you have multiple heaters in adjacent rooms, can you control them with 1 controller? Can you control them using the internet? Thanx


Please could you let me know how long is the cable to plug.


What is the running cost for this heater?


Could you please be more specific in how you can regulate the temperature? there is any remote controller? a thermostat?


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