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Old-fashioned and inefficient boiler systems can be a thing of the past if you make the switch to an air source heat pump from Mirrorstone! These amazing machines can provide you with heating, cooling and hot water whenever you need them, without burning any harmful fossil fuels.

Safer and more efficient than combustion boilers, and with lifespans that can last as long as 50 years with only a little maintenance required every now and again, heat pumps are an incredible upgrade for most homes.

Air Source Heat Pump USPs

How Do They Work?

Air source heat pumps draw in air from outside your home, which they then use to warm up a liquid refrigerant. This becomes a gas, which is passed through a compressor and then a heat exchanger, where it will warm up some water. This water is then circulated around your house, just like in a traditional boiler system!

This means heat pumps are incredibly versatile, much more so than other electric heaters, since they can be used to provide hot water as well as more general heating. They can even be used to provide air conditioning during the summer months.

Although they work at their absolute best when there’s not a huge difference between the temperatures outside and inside, they’re still capable of providing heat even when it’s chilly out, since there will always a little bit of warmth in the air.

This process is incredibly efficient, delivering more heat energy into your home than the amount of electrical energy consumed. This is fantastic for providing a steady heat over a long period of time.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work

Your Home: Futureproofed!

With rising energy bills, finding ways to ensure your home is prepared for the future should be a key priority. By using a heat pump in your home, you’ll get to take advantage of loads of incredible benefits that will help you get ahead of the curve on rising energy prices, since you’ll save energy and money in the long term.

Because of their massive uptick in energy efficiency, and the fact that they don’t rely on fossil fuels, heat pumps have the capability to be entirely carbon neutral if you use renewable energy sources on your property, such as solar panels.

Heat pumps do require a little bit of maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency, but most of these checks only need to be carried out annually and can be done by you, no outside expertise required! Then every 3-5 years, you should have a professional provide a full service.

If you’re a little worried about the cost, it’s also worth remembering that when properly cared for, heat pumps can last for as long as 50 years, with most averaging around 15. Compare this to a gas boiler, which will last for about 10-15 years, but rarely more than 20. You won’t need to stress about replacing your heat pump for a very long time!

A Range Of Options

Air Source Heat Pump Range

We have several different sizes of heat pump for you to choose from, ensuring you can get the right fit for your home. If it’s too powerful, you’ll waste money, but if it’s not powerful enough then you won’t feel the heat. Heat pumps also work best when your home has adequate insulation.

There’s no one-size fits all size calculator for a heat pump, so we highly recommend getting in touch with us to get a personal quote based on all the various factors that could affect your home’s heating.

If you have a small and well-insulated home, then the Mirrorstone 9kW Air Source Heat Pump 1 Phase is a great choice, while the Mirrorstone 12kW Air Source Heat Pump is a good all-round option for the vast majority of UK homes.

Don’t worry if you have a very large or very poorly insulated property, the Mirrorstone 22kW Air Source Heat Pump will be sufficient for your needs.

Get In Touch

We offer a 14 day no-quibble returns policy for each of these heat pumps, so you can order without stress, there’s zero risk attached! On top of this, they’re all covered by a fantastic 3-year warranty policy, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have about this heater. Just give us a call us on 0116 321 4124, email us at sales@suryaheating.co.uk, or check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and YouTube pages.