Heating Is The Best Therapy

After seeing one of our Infrared Heating panels in a friend’s fathers’ home, Sarah decided to have custom artwork printed onto a radiator for her psychotherapy room.

Happy, Healthy Heating

Being used in a log cabin, doubling as a therapy space, Sarah has gushed that this large custom heating panel provides cosy radiant heat that can be felt from within. She also noted how clients could feel the difference it made and the importance of feeling warm from a therapeutic perspective.

21st Century Interior Design

The ‘she-e-o’ of Smart CBT, Sarah sent us an original image, inspired by Rob Ryan, by her friend Emma Daniels. The image itself features papercut designs with healing words and phrases such as ‘I can change’ and ‘Empowerment’. The chance to have your own artwork printed by our team allows you to have creative freedom over your own space and makes your furnishings completely unique to you! Sarah said:

I went and experienced [Surya Infrared Heating panels] and was like ‘Wow this is a different kind of heat’. I feel quite different, it felt really cosy, felt warm from the inside – rather than that convection heat and I really felt the difference.”