There are plenty of reasons why we are big fans of IR heating and what it can do for our customers. But there are more exciting facts and advantages of these fascinating rays than we have already told you.

Keep reading for just a handful of incredible IR fun facts that you can boast about when your guests ask about your Infrared heater!

Let’s start by reminding ourselves what Infrared Radiation is.

A form of energy, that travels in waves, IR is invisible electromagnetic radiation. It is 100% natural and emits the same heat that we feel from the Sun.

Our radiators beam out Far Infrared waves into the space and these will bounce off of objects and people, heating them as they are hit. This process will repeat itself until it is toasty warm!


Now, let’s get into some IR trivia…

1. Infrared waves are given off by stars, galaxies, lamps and flames. Basically, all natural forms of heat are Infrared.

2. Infrared light can travel through thick smoke, dust, fog and even some materials.

3. We may not be able to see Infrared light but, snakes – such as rattlesnakes – have sensory ‘pits’ which are used to see it and detect warm-blooded animals.

4. The first ovens were Infrared! They were made of an Infrared-emitting burner that warmed food from its molecules. However, they decreased in popularity as they produced hot air which dried food up.

5. Far Infrared strengthens the cardiovascular system by increasing heartrate and cardiac output. It also decreases blood pressure.

6. 30-minutes in an Infrared sauna can result in burning hundred of calories and aid you in losing 500 grams of sweat in one session!

7. Firefighters use Infrared cameras to locate people in a fire or to detect the hot spots in forest fires.

8. Cuddling couples act as transmitters and receivers of Far Infrared waves. By being close together, you are sending and receiving vibrations of IR. (It’s not only humans that can take advantage of this – penguins do too!)

9. Weather satellites are equipped with scanning radiometers which produce Infrared images. Trained analysts will then use these scans to determine different cloud heights and types and calculate land or surface water temperatures.

10. Art conservators can determine authentic paintings by using Infrared reflectography. This is the process of gently revealing underlying layers of an art piece to show the artists original sketch or guideline.

11. Almost-half of the energy which reaches the Earth from the Sun comes in the form of Infrared light.


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