You may have seen our previous blog post about Infrared Saunas being the next big thing for health kicks, but why is this? What makes Infrared heaters so much better than conventional heaters?

Heating diagram

It’s simple, really. Infrared heaters create a different type of heat to old-style convection heaters. Convection heaters, like the ones in most people’s homes, heat up the air in the room and create a convection current – where hot air rises and cold air falls.

Despite being the go-to method for most home’s central heating, it’s not that great. Infrared heating is much better for your health – hence the saunas!

Infrared heating works by firing invisible infrared beams around the room – the same method as how the sun heats the earth! But don’t worry – there’s no nasty UV rays floating around, it’s just pure, unadulterated warmth.

When these beams hit an object, they heat it up at a molecular level, and then bounce off again, eager for something else to heat up. Eventually, the beams fizzle out, but there are plenty more beams to go around!

There are a few different health benefits that an Infrared heater delivers – let’s have a look…

No More Dust Circulation

Those old convection heaters, with the air currents? Not so good for dust circulation. They pick up dust, dirt, germs and mites, spreading them out across your room. They can even pick it up from your carpet, which is why there are sometimes small stains above radiators.

If you have a breathing problem, this could lead to a major problem, as you don’t need any nasty aggravators making your breathing any worse. People with respiratory conditions such as can find it even more difficult to breathe, and have increased coughing.

However, with Infrared heaters, they do not rely on warming up the air to warm up the room. They shoot heating beams, meaning it’s a nice clean, safe heat – not one that transports germs. It’s not just those with breathing problems that benefit, too, as there’s less germs floating around the room, so there’s less chance of falling ill.

Less Mould and Damp

Another huge advantage that Infrared Heating has, concerning your health, is that they cause far less damp and mould than traditional heating. Warm air currents pick up, and carry moisture around your room, increasing the potential for dampness in your walls. Dampness = mould, and is terrible for your health. It can cause respiratory problems, infections, and allergies, due to the allergens in mould.

This means sneezing, itchy skin, and more symptoms that are uncomfortable.

As infrared heating doesn’t impact air temperature as much, the likelihood of dampness being spread around is pretty low. Less dampness means less mould which means improved health. It’s not just for your well-being; it’s for your home’s health too!

Better Blood Flow

Blood flow


Convection heaters only really tend to heat up the surface of your skin, which is how dry skin is formed. Dry skin leads to cracked skin, which can lead to infections – a terrible consequence of inadequate heating methods. Infrared heating, on the other hand, is much more penetrative. They can go as far as 3 inches below the surface of your skin, making your whole body lovely and warm!

This means that nitric oxide is released into the haemoglobin in your blood. This increases the level of oxygen in your bloodstream, reducing your heart rate, and therefore reducing the strain on your body.

As the blood vessels warm up, they dilate, massively increasing circulation around the body. Not only is this better for your overall health, it’s great for recovering from things like cuts and scrapes.

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