Nat Smith

Nat is a Marketing Assistant for Surya Infrared Heating, where he generates written content – both descriptions and blogs – on a daily basis. It’s something that comes naturally to him thanks to his extensive experience in content writing!

He also helps the whole team, allowing his creative brain to run wild, constantly thinking of new ways to innovate and develop our content.

As someone from the younger generation, he naturally has an interest in new technologies and breakthrough gadgets – making him the perfect person to communicate just how revolutionary Infrared Heating is to all our readers and customers!

  1. Your Questions: Answered by Us

    A lot of people have never heard of infrared heating, because it’s such a revolutionary new technology. Although it has lots of advantages over other heating methods, many people still have a few questions concerning what it is and how it works. nxtgen Continue reading →
  2. What Does The IP Rating Mean to Me?

    You may have seen something called an IP rating next to all of the infrared heaters that we offer here at Surya Heating. However, if you’re not sure exactly what this is, we’re here to help. splash Continue reading →
  3. How Many IR Heating Panels Do You Need For Your Bedroom?

    Infrared heating technology is a revolutionary technology that not many people know about. A lot of people don’t know how it works, or how many panels you’ll need in your room. We’re here to give you a bit of guidance on how many panels in your bedroom. elephant bedroom Continue reading →
  4. Surya Goes Live!

    Surya Infrared Heating are taking an exhibition to Birmingham to spread the word about just how amazing infrared heating can be. We will be exhibiting at Grand Designs Live at the NEC between the 10th and 14th of October! Check us out at stand number L85! grand designs live banner Continue reading →
  5. How Much Energy Can I Save with an Infrared Heating Panel?

    As many people don’t know too much about infrared heating as a concept, they don’t realise how much they can save you. They’re not just electric heaters; they’re efficient heaters that can lead to plenty of savings. heating panel Continue reading →
  6. Why Shop With Surya?

    If you are looking for a brand-new infrared heating panel, then we’re definitely the ones you should choose. Why’s this? Because we offer unbelievable products at unbeatable prices, with incredible customer service. Continue reading →
  7. Installing and Maintaining Your Infrared Heating Panel

    Infrared heating is the heating of the future. It’s more efficient than central heating, and it looks so much better. Installing it so easy, too, and that’s not where the advantages end – allow me to introduce you to a couple more…IR panel on wall Continue reading →
  8. Break The Mould with Infrared Heating

    Mould growth and damp spots in your room is such a common problem, and many different solutions never properly work. But what if we told you there was a way of solving this problem, without it breaking the bank?... mould on wall Continue reading →
  9. Just How Eco-Friendly are Infrared Heating Panels?

    We’re entering a new green phase in our lives. With green energy on the rise, plastic bans being discussed and implemented, and more and more recycling taking place, it’s great to see that more is being done to help the environment. That is why our Infrared Heating panels are brilliant – they’re eco-friendly, saving you both money and power. infrared heating panel Continue reading →
  10. Infrared Heating Technology – What Is It All About?!

    We get it – it’s a new technology that people don’t know too much about. However, infrared heating has so much potential that it’s only right that we give you a bit of information about it. So here it is: a few of your frequently asked questions, answered. question marks Continue reading →

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