We get it – it’s a new technology that people don’t know too much about. However, infrared heating has so much potential that it’s only right that we give you a bit of information about it. So here it is: a few of your frequently asked questions, answered.

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What Is An Infrared Wave?

Sounds scary, right? Infrared waves are nothing to be worried about – they’re just harmless electromagnetic waves – a bit like visible light! It’s actually the exact same as the heat from the sun, except they don’t emit ultraviolet waves!

These waves then bounce around your room, heating up the objects rather than the air, for a cleaner, more efficient heat.

Can These Save Me Money?

Of course they can – in fact, depending on the size of your property, they could save you up to 60% off the cost of your heating bills! How? They’re far more efficient, as they heat the objects in the room directly, rather than heating the air and hoping.

Also, they heat exactly the rooms you want heated, as opposed to central heating which heats the whole house. This means that you won't pointlessly waste money on heating rooms that aren’t even being used.

Plus, infrared heaters don’t need to be on as long as central heating, as they heat up so much more quickly than central heating does.

What About Expensive Maintenance?

For infrared heating? It doesn’t exist! There are no moving parts in these panels, so there’s no maintenance or servicing at all. Plus, they’re easy to clean, too, as you can just use a soft, dry cloth to wipe them down.

How Do These Panels Save Me Space?

Technically, they take up a similar space as conventional radiators, but with one key difference.  You can install these heaters higher up on the wall, giving you extra floor space. Plus, these aren’t ugly, clunky radiators, they are sleek-looking panels, which can be customised with beautiful images which just look like simple canvases!

Or, install them on ceilings! As they don’t heat the air, there’s no need to worry about all the hot air rising and not warming you up. They warm the objects in the room, which includes you!

Is Infrared Heating OK For My Health?

Of course! In fact, it can actually be better than conventional heating! Because there are no air currents, there’s no dust circulation, no damp air, and therefore no mould build-up. Plus, because the waves penetrate the skin by up to 3 inches, the walls of your arteries soften slightly, improving blood flow, and boosting recovery! In fact, some health spas now use infrared therapy!

I’m Almost Convinced – But Aren’t These Difficult to Install?

Not at all! It’s as simple as a couple of screws in the wall and just a simple mounting on the wall. There’s no complicated electrics or plumbing – it just plugs in to your standard socket.

I’m Sold – What’s the Delivery Like?

Fast, and free. We send out all orders within the UK using ParcelForce48, which can take between 3-5 days. Outside the UK, get in touch with us, and we’ll give you a quote based on where you are and how big your order is.

How Do I Get in Touch?

Contact us on 0116 321 4124, email us at sales@suryaheating.co.uk, or check out our Facebook and Twitter pages. Our customer services team are always happy to help, so give us a shout now!